One baby is great, two must be awesome!

But what are you going to do when you need to bring both of them out for a long walk?

Well, a double stroller would come in handy in these situations. (kudos to the person who invented it!)

Double strollers are mostly built for parents with twins or those whose birth interval is as short as one year. They also come in handy for caretakers, guardians, and guardians who care for multiple young children.

And since you are here…I guess you are the lucky one!

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UV 50+ Sun Canopy
All-Terrain Wheels
Hand and foot brake
Tires need to be pumped
Back heavy

Folded Dimensions: 34″ x 32″ x 15″

BabyJogger is a company that has been in the baby industry for over 30 years. One of their best products is the summit X3 Double jogging stroller.

The stroller itself may look bulky and hard to manoeuvre but with their patent one step folding technology it makes it very easy to use.

All terrain wheels

Not many baby strollers feature these kinds of wheels. They allow utmost comfort and shock absorbing. Great for going fast when you are jogging or on uneven roads.

Their innovative All-Wheel suspension provides shock resistant to keep your two babies comfortable during their ride.

However, because these wheels are air inflated, you will need to pump them up from time to time.

If you are off for a run with the stroller, you can simply lock the front wheels with a lever in the handle.

Once locked, the wheels will not swivel and off you go!

Hand Brakes

Not the ones in your car but for the baby stroller.

Another great feature about the summit X3 is that it has both hand and foot brakes. The hand brakes operate the rear wheel drum brakes.

It gives you the choice of slowing down slightly not just a quick stop.

If you find yourself going downhill and want to slow down, the hand brakes come in handy giving you great control on all roads.

Full of accessories

The Summit X3 Double jogging stroller is full of add-ons and accessories. You can even add a holding bar while you run them along through the park like a roller coaster.

Once your child is old enough you can consider adding a Double Child Tray – Mounting Bracket.

The stroller also includes a UV50+ sun canopy keeping the sun away from your child’s sensitive eyes.

Since it is only a front facing stroller, there is a peek-a-boo window included so you can check on your child any time.

It also can be adjusted into many positions as you open or close it.

All in all, this jogging stroller is perfect if you have two children that needs some outdoor time and like some speed and fun.

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All terrain wheels
Quick fold technology
Front wheel suspension
Not for jogging

Folded Dimensions: 30″ x 30″ 11″

The City Mini GT Double stroller is created by BabyJogger with over 30 years experience. Compared to their sister product the Mini GT double stroller is great for urban mobility.

With the more compact size it is perfect for both every day walks and urban off road paths. The side by side design makes it perfect for both babies to experience the journey together.

This stroller fits perfectly through standard size doorways, handles gravel and slightly tough terrain with ease, and has amazingly large sun canopys that blocks the sun from your babies face.

All terrain Tires

The double stroller consists of four 8.5″ non flat tires with front suspension. This allows you to bring your babies to all sorts of terrains.

The are also forever air wheels that won’t go flat and feature sealed ball bearings. With 4 wheels on the stroller it gives you more stability when going on slopes.

The suspension on the Mini GT double stroller keeps your baby bouncing up and down while going through rough terrain.

A 5 point harness also keeps them safe and snug while you explore through mountains and valleys. A shoulder pad on each strap also keeps your baby comfy all the time.

Hand break

Most baby strollers have foot brakes, but the Mini GT Double stroller has a hand break giving you more control while going through rough terrain.

Not all the time you will be able to use your feet while balancing on a slope.

In addition to the parking brake, the handlebar is adjustable for all heights.

Great for dads and mothers that have a big height difference.

Comfortable plush pads

Included with the stroller are two plush padded seats for both your babies. It is also reclinable so you can have your children lie to a near flat position.

The seating is also designed with ventilation in mind. The top vented seat increases airflow and with retractable weather covers you will not need to worry about any type of weather.

The City Mini GT has roomy seats with a taller seat back and longer foot well to accommodate taller children.

To keep sun away from your children, there is a large sun canopy which is also UV 50+ protected.

The Mini GT Tandem stroller weighs around 32lb and can hold 100 pounds in weight. It is not recommended to jog with this stroller.

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7 and 9.5 inch wheels
Fits through standard doorways
Tyres not durable
Heavy in weight

Folded Dimensions: 35″ x 30″ x 14″

The Joovy Scooter X2 double stroller consists of a new graphite grey frame which can contain bigger wheels. The front wheels are 7″ and the rear wheels are 9.5″

A larger wheel makes it easier to manoeuvre.

Each seat is able to withstand up to 45lbs in weight making the total maximum weight at 90lb.

Fit through standard doorways

With the lightweight and narrow design, it allows the double stroller to fit through your standard doorways without having to fold it.

The width of the stroller while fully open is 30 inches. Giving more than enough room for your kids to be next to each other.

You might think that having two children in a stroller will be hard to move, but with the wheels having sealed bearings it will be easy to push around.

The double front wheels make the stroller extremely stable. Important if your kids climb into the stroller by themselves.

Joovy claims that their basket is bigger than any other stroller basket on the market. Period.

Large canopy

The Joovy Scooter features a large canopy that is able to block out most of the suns rays.

Each seat is also fully adjustable and independent of the other.

So if one of your baby wants to sleep you can tuck them flat while the other is still able to sit up and explore.

Joovy makes it easy for you to recline the seat with a one-hand system that locks into an infinite number of positions.

It can be adjusted to a near flat napping position or siting straight up. Each has its own in-seat mesh pocket and adjustable 5-point harness.

Many accessories

The Joovy Scooter X2 Double stroller is accessories friendly. It includes two cup holders and two zipper pockets for phones, snacks and wallets.

The Scooter X2 gives you the features you demand, the fashion you expect and the quality Joovy is known for – all at a reasonable price.

It has been designed with abundant features, good looks and the highest quality materials for the comfort of your children, all while having the utmost respect for your wallet.

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Compact umbrella fold
360 shock absorbing front wheels
Super lightweight
handles not adjustable

Folded Dimensions: 40″ X 8″ X 6″

The Delta children LX double umbrella stroller is a super lightweight Compact double stroller. It is loaded with many features making travelling with both your children easy as ever.

Great for all year round use with protection from sun, wind and rain with its large canopy design.

Compact folded size

One of the main features of the LX Double stroller is that it can be folded into a very compact size.

Great for easy storage and travelling if you do a lot of public transport with your stroller.

The lightweight frame gives the product a total weight of only 18.3lbs! Great when you have two babies in the stroller keeping things light enough to push.

Despite its compact and lightweight design, it is suitable for children up to 35lbs.

With the standard 5 point safety harness it can keep your baby safely tucked in the stroller.

Multiple functions

This double stroller comes with many added accessories. It has two storage bags for you to tuck your belongings safely.

Also a parent cup holder with two attachment points depending on your preference.

The seating also has multiple reclining positions to allow your child the perfect posture depending on the situation.

If you are looking for a lightweight day to day double stroller for your twins this is one to consider.

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Max weight 90lbs
Removable rear seat
Universal car seat adapter
Todler can't ride with car seat

Folded Dimensions: 45 x 21 x 10

The Joovy Caboose Too Graphite stroller has a special function with its rear seat.

It is removable.

Once removed it is able to accommodate children in a standing position.

The full size rear seat has multiple recline positions and it is able to hold children up to 45 lbs.

Whereas the front seat, it is able to hold children from 3 months to 45lbs. Also with 3 recline positions.

The stroller also comes with a universal car seat adaptor fitting most major brands.

Full travel system

With the universal car seat adaptor you can bring your child out around creating a simple travel system.

The large canopy is able to provide enough coverage for both children when seated.

The Caboose Too double stroller is very compact and weighs less than most double strollers at just over 29lbs with the rear seat is installed.

The small footprint makes the Caboose Too Graphite extremely maneuverable – especially for a double stroller. With the all black fabric it provides a perfect look for your babies.

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Adjustable backrest
One touch brake
Non universal carseat friendly

Folded Dimensions: 43″ X 21″ X 18″

The Besrey double stroller is a stroller with a lot of functions.

The design consists of 2 seats front and back. Each seat can accommodate babies 0-36 months old. The maximum load bearing is 33lbs.

With a wide base of 15 inches, your baby can lie comfortably in it.

Included is a standard 5 point harness and adjustable backrest to change the posture of your baby.

To be more precise, the angle of the front and rear backrest can be adjusted to 140° and 170°. The foot plate can also be adjusted by 180° for better comfort.

One touch brake

A great feature with the Besrey double stroller is that it has a one touch brake. By using the brake on the handle bar you can control the stroller easily.

Besrey is a long-term popular brand, which focus on manufacturing and selling baby strollers, baby car seats, infant car seats.

What to look out for

Here are some simple pointers on what to look out for before you get a double stroller.

You don’t want to invest into something that doesn’t work for you and your child!

Size and weight of the stroller

This here is a major factor to consider.

The stroller should easily fold and fit into your car boot without having to dismantle it.

We’ve seen a lot of horror stories of parents buying an oversized stroller and ending up having to change cars! (thats one expensive baby stroller)

Consider getting a baby stroller that isn’t so bulky and huge especially if you have to use public means to move about. A good stroller should require the least effort to carry up the stairs or push up a ramp even with the babies in it.

Storage section/appendage

The perfect stroller comes with a compartment or basket/tray beneath the pram to carry essential items such as nappies or diapers, baby food, and other personal paraphernalia.

However, the caregiver must be keen not to overload the pram, else there may be damages to the stroller which could render the same unsafe for the babies.

Removable capsule

Some double strollers have the facility to eject the babies from the pram while still in their pram capsule.

These capsules can double as baby car seats thus one won’t have to fetch separate baby seats.

This also avoids the case of waking the babies during the shifting process to and from the car.

Front Bar / Footrest

This is a detachable addition onto which the babies can hold onto, though in most cases it’s not safe for the babies.

The babies rest their feet on the footrest to prevent their feet from getting caught in the pram’s front wheel or dragging onto/touching the ground which could result in injury.

Adjustable Backrest

The best double stroller is one that has a reclining backrest.

This allows for the babies to sit up while awake or feeding or lie back while asleep.

Some also have a three-level adjustment lever which allows one to shift the baby seat into a semi-reclined position.


Brakes cannot be ignored especially for a baby stroller. The rear brakes should be linked and lock the wheels in tandem.

Good brake levers should be strategically positioned in a way that the operator doesn’t strain to access them, for instance, be operated on the handle or foot-operated.


The double stroller has to have a safe harnessing build.

The five-point harness is the safest.

These harnesses need to be padded thus soft to avoid scathing the babies’ skins. The straps should be firmly and securely attached to the pram’s frame.

They should be easy to fasten and adjust and the buckles not likely to jam or break.


The front wheels should swivel with ease for smooth maneuvering. However, there is need to check whether the wheels can lock when pushing the stroller at high speeds or traveling over rough terrain.

Inflatable wheels provide a smoother and more comfortable ride to the babies, though are prone to puncture. Check to see whether the wheels are properly intact to avoid accidents if they come off.

All these factors are vital to be kept in mind. Other factors may include ensuring that the stroller is stable and not easy to tip over, ensuring that neither baby can access moving components of the stroller and if the stroller has a child resistant mechanism for harness locks and buckles.

Which type of double stroller is best?

Strollers come in a variety of models and designs all in an effort to make a comfortable setting for the babies and parents or caregivers. Caring for twins or two babies at a go is hectic and tasking especially when it comes to wheeling them around.

Traveling with two infants needs a special selection of the most suitable stroller. Great strollers will have car seats or can easily and conveniently go into separate car seats one owns. A good example is the All-In-One Travel System comprises the twins’ car seats, the car seat bases, and the stroller. They have the disadvantage of being heavy and consuming space. They are also expensive.

Side by Side Twin

The seats are positioned side-by-side. In the past, they mostly wide and pose the difficulty of going through doorways. Changes have been made to narrow them and make them more maneuverable. They allow for both babies to have equal arm and leg space and play with each other.

All-Terrain Double Strollers

These are designed to cope with rough terrain, just as the name suggests. They are more stable and have larger wheels, plus rear suspensions. These strollers can also be used while jogging. They can be rather uncomfortable for the babies.

Umbrella Double Stroller

They are really light and portable. They do not have the reclining mechanism to accommodate newborns, thus are most suited for babies of age six months onwards.

An umbrella stroller is meant for easy portability and ease of use.

Sit and Stand Strollers

These strollers are designed for families with, say, one older child and the other an infant. The older one gets to push around the infant. They allow for the older one to also ride the stroller when they get tired or bored. They are built in a way that it’s effortless to maneuver.

Tandem Double Strollers

These ones have the seats positioned one in front of the other. They are narrow and make maneuvering through doorways and shopping isles easier. Most of them accept two car seats, thus very essential when one has twins. The front seat of the stroller, however, does not fully recline, unlike the back one. This stroller is lengthy and may prove difficult to navigate around tight corners.

Benefits of a Double Stroller vs Single Stroller

Even if you just had a newborn, you may want to consider purchasing a double stroller.

Why? Here are some pointers.

Saves money thus profitable

Purchasing a double stroller will cut down the cost of having to buy two separate strollers. For example, in cases where two children have been born a year apart, the double stroller will offer the convenience of wheeling them both in one pram.

Variety and versatility

Double strollers have a wide range of models and designs to choose from. For example, all-terrain strollers offer convenience for mothers who want to jog a little.


Double strollers are generally durable and strong since they are solely built to harbor two kids at a go.

Convenient and hassle free

Double strollers allow mothers to go on about their duties while pushing around their babies, even within the house.


Double strollers are certainly the best choice when it comes to twins. Select the type that most suits your routine and needs, for example, a jogger would need to select an all-terrain double stroller.


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