Did you know what you eat directly affects your breastmilk? It is true that some strong flavoured food can change the taste of your milk. Some babies even enjoy the different variety of flavours! However, it is important to know there are foods to avoid when breastfeeding.

Learn more about how breastmilk is made.

A wrong diet can cause your baby to be gassy and colic. In general it is best to avoid those that may be harmful to your baby.

After compiling responses from a group of mothers, we have concluded 9 foods to avoid when breastfeeding. Instead of a boring list of text, below is an infographic to give it a graphical twist.

9 Foods to Avoid When Breastfeeding Infographic

9 foods to avoid when breastfeeding

Every mother’s goal is to provide their child with the best food and nutrients. While it does not say to avoid fully the foods above, it is best to consume the correct amount. If you are craving for one of the foods above, it might be best for you to pre-pump your breast milk into baby bottles.

Once you pre-pump your breast milk, you can then start consuming all the food you want. It is recommended that you wait at least 3-4 hours before feeding again. This allows your system to clear and returning your breastmilk to the original state.

If you want to keep it safe, just avoid those 9 types of food until you no longer need to breastfeed or when your baby gets used to it.



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