Finding the best baby bottle warmer can be quite tedious.

Not all bottle warmers come in handy. Some will get faulty in moments when most needed, others will just give in and get all faulty due to engineering errors.

Bottle warmers need to be cost efficient, reliable and durable.

So how do you identify the good from the bad?

We have gone ahead and compiled 10 of the best bottle warmers in the market. Choosing each of them based on their multiple functions and popularity.

The bottle warmers that made the list all have multiple functions and perks. Some are simple to use and others make use of technology.

First lets check out which bottle warmers made the list.

The Good
Warms milk in 4 minutes
Multiple temperature settings
Consistent temperature heating
The Bad
A bit pricey
May risk overheating milk

When you’re looking for a quick way to heat up bottles for your infant, the Tomme Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Bottle Warmer is a great choice for the busy mom on the go.

WIth multiple convenient and innovative features, this handy bottle warmer is a must have for any parent that wants quick but safe heating when they need it the most.

Notable features

  • Safe and fast efficient heating of baby milk, formula or food.
  • Warms food jars, breast milk or formula bottles within an impressive four minutes.
  • Adjustable temperature control dial
  • Simple to use and so convenient – simply fill with water, press the button and wait.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Bottle Warmer is a simple to use, ultra convenient and practical bottle warmer.

With multiple temperature settings, it’s suitable for heating up jar meals as well as bottled milk, making your mealtimes with your baby or infant an absolute breeze to deal with.

Suitable for home or travel, the Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer is a great asset to have to make your busy lifestyle less stressful.

The Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer features a unique, sleek and stylish design. Since it fits the Tommee Tippee Bottles (the largest in the market) it also fits most other brands of baby bottles.

The bottle warmer allows for a consistent temperature heating, unlike the inconsistency that can be achieved by using boiling water or microwaves.

But, the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Bottle Warmer is pretty pricey for an appliance that doesn’t feature an auto turn off function.

With no timer for the actual bottle warming and no automatic power off function, buyers will have to time the heating time themselves or risk overheating the bottle.


Overall, it’s a pretty good quality product that achieves good results and quick heating of bottles and food. Convenient and useful to have on board, the Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer is a great asset for a busy household with young infants.

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Warms milk very slowly
Holds temperature for a few hours
Has a bottle sterilize feature
No sound alarm just a green light
May risk overheating milk

The Max Elite Gentle Warm Bottle Warmer aims to warm milk bottles gently and perfectly.

This product promises to not only heat bottle quickly but to also hold bottles at the perfect temperature for hours if needed. That way, you can put a bottle to warm before your baby is even hungry.

This bottle warmer comes in both blue and orange along with a white base. It has a nice amount of weight to it and feels very sturdy and durable.

Slow warming milk

The most important feature of the Maxx Elite Bottle Warmer is that it gently warms bottles of milk slowly to a specified temperature.

This means that you don’t have to worry about overheating the bottle which can lead to burns and also kills vital nutrients in the milk.

It does this by using regular water.

All you have to do is fill the bottle warmer with 3 ounces of water.

The bottle warmer heats the water which then heats the bottle. It has a special sensor that knows exactly when the bottle is heated to the right temperature.

It can heat up a bottle in about 6 minutes.

Bottle Sterilizer feature

This product also has a sterilize feature that allows you to kill germs in empty bottles and nipples. So you can be assured that your baby is safe from harmful bacteria. This can save you on purchasing a separate bottle sterilizer.

However, there are some downsides to this bottle warmer. There are two settings on the warmer, one for 104 degrees Fahrenheit and one for 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

The first setting will hold your bottle at that temperature for hours on end. The second setting heats bottles much more quickly but it can also overheat the milk if left in the bottle warmer for too long.

Also, there is no sound or alarm that chimes when the bottle is ready.

Only a green light will tell you if the bottle is warm enough.

This means that you will need to watch the bottle warmer while it heats the bottle.

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Fits a lot of different types of bottles
One of the most compact bottle warmers
Has a timer
Hard to clean
High maintenance

There are many bottle warmers out there to purchase. Whether it is worth your money is always up for debate since most people still use the microwave, but this one is still the highest rated.

That is no surprise since the quality of the product is quite decent.

Compact Bottle Warmer

All moms need to save storage space, which makes Dr. Brown’s Bottle warmer a great buy for you.

It is compact and light with a nice sleek and solid plastic feel. The design is really appealing to the eye and the white and light blue colors make it seem super clean and safe to be around your child.

Universal bottles

This bottle warmer is almost universal in the bottles you can use.

To use this product, you fill the water reservoir up, insert your bottle of milk and wait for it to warm up.

On the front is a simple to use the keypad to switch it on and set a timer on how hot you would like the milk to be. It also beeps for your attention when it is done.

Detachable reservoir

It has a detachable water reservoir to steam and warms your bottle or food for your baby which you can use a few times before you need to refill it.

The steam works effectively in evenly warming up the milk.

The biggest negative point about this product is the problem of cleaning the bottle warmer.

The water reservoir is so slim, makes it difficult to clean, even other places in the bottle.

So be careful of how much time you take to clean it out after a few uses.

For those parents who are always tired, and can’t follow an entire booklet of instructions, this product is great for you. It really is simple and quick to use to save you time and energy.

Warms milk slowly
Time dial to control heating
Beeps when complete
Easily overheat milk
Nob can break easily

The Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer is designed to provide the most efficient warming. It is designed from safe materials PBA free as it is intended for babies. Ensuring you the highest level of safety when providing food for your baby.

Retains nutrients in milk

Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer is designed to reduce the time that you take to warm the milk while preserving the nutrients in the breastmilk.

To increase the possibility of retaining nutrients in the milk, the designers integrated a time dial that shows the user the time left to heat the milk to the desired heat level.

Additionally, the warmer has a ringer that beeps once the set time is complete.

Steam warming technology

Steam warming capability is included as an integral design feature for the mothers who would prefer to use the warmer to heat their breast milk.

Additionally, the warmer can be used for any food.

Detachable interior

Another design consideration in the Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer is the lift out basket. The basket was included to ensure that the user can lift any content being warmed safely.

This consideration ensures that you are not exposed to any form of harm while using the warmer such as steam burns.

Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer has some downsides despite its great design. The warmer cannot be used to warm larger contents of milk or any other food.

Hence, if a child has an appetite that is beyond the single bottle capacity, the user will have to warm the bottles more than once.

For a product that is aiming at the time reduction, repetitive activity is a major downside.

The current model of Munchkin Time Saver Bottle Warmer can only be used with toddlers who can consume around three ounces of milk at a go.

As a child grows older, you may have to purchase larger warmers.

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keeps water or milk hot for a long time
BPA-free ensuring baby safety
highly durable
Does not have an automatic shut off

If you asked moms, bottle warmer is the best invention since sliced bread. It is highly recommended to feed babies breast milk as it’s in the right temperature and provides babies with the essential nutrients for developing their immune system.

Bottle warmers ensure that your baby’s milk is served at the right temperature.

Considering how essential these products are, you will definitely need to settle for the best brand on the market.

So, which is the best bottle warmer, it’s simple, Tommee Tippee Pump And Go Bottle And Pouch Warmer is the perfect deal for any mother. But why should you go for it instead of any other brand?

To find out the secret, we need to dig in.

Brand Name: Tommee Tippee
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 7.3 x 8.6 in.
Product Weight: 1.9 lbs

Tommee Tippee is a UK-based company that has a developed reputation because of offering quality products to its customers. This time, it focuses on the pumping moms and brings them a never-disappointing product.

This amazing product not only offers great performance but also comes with the unsurpassed style. Being a high-quality brand, you don’t need to worry about losing some nutrients and vitamins during the warming process; it gently warms the baby milk preserving these ideal nutrients to keep your baby healthy and growing!

Besides, coming with 3 simple heat settings, you can now take control of the warming process allowing you to warm the milk to your perfect temperature. The great design allows it to fit most branded bottles and pouches while its great versatility renders it perfect for warming breast milk or formula.

Features a Pump & Go System

This system allows for a single pouch to pump, store, warm and feed. The fact that no need to decant makes life easier for moms out there hence ensures that every milk drop is accounted for!

Baby-Safety Measures

Unlike some bottle warmers, Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Bottle and Pouch Warmer is BPA-free. Therefore, it does not cause long-term effects to the baby.

Wide Variety

These bottle warmers are available in different capacities. Though some have a small capacity of below 100 ml, others are large enough to accommodate more than 200 ml of milk ensuring that your baby has more than enough even when not at home!

Intelligent Warming

The 3 heat settings allow you to adjust the temperature based on the starting temperature, the volume of the milk and the bottle type.

Considering that every mother would like to get the best product for her baby, it is obvious that they will rush for the best bottle warmer. However, before making the rush, it is important to determine the perfect product for the baby.

For bottle warmers, the best is the one with the features you are looking out for. Though the needs may vary, it is also important not to forget about the safety of the baby.

For this reason, consider going for Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Bottle and Pouch Warmer. It offers great satisfaction that every mommy craves for.

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Quick heat times
Auto shuts off after cycle complete
Provides a sterilizing tray
Hard to find correct water / milk ratio
Inconsistant heating
Can sometimes overheat milk

The first years quick Serve Bottle Warmer is a life saver. It makes feeding of babies easier.

If you are a working and still want to continue feeding your baby with breast milk, this is warmer is for you.

Breastmilk and formula milk safe

It’s also a decent choice for day care and new mothers. You can not only use it to heat breastmilk but also formula and baby food jars in less than two minutes.

Whenever it is time to feed your baby, anyone can simply do that using the bottle warmer.

Quick heat times

It is especially an excellent choice when it comes to feeding babies at night because it takes just a few minutes and you’re back to sleep.

It is more effective and safe compared to using the microwave which is a bit complicated and takes more time to warm something.

Disinfect at the same time

The first years quick Serve Bottle Warmer has a basket with a lid. Its function is to provide a disinfectant spot for pacifiers. You can disinfect even two pacifiers at a time.

It also has basket insert that you can use to warm baby food jars fast and easily. The bottle warmer has an auto shut-off for additional security and ensuring there is efficient energy to warm.

It also has to measure vials that will enable you to measure the exact amount of water you need. This helps you to expect warming length so you can accomplish only the correct temperature. Measuring the correct amount of water will prevent over/under heating.

BPA Free

It can be used to heat wide-necked bottles, straight bottles, angled and even disposable bottles. The most amazing thing is that it does not have BPA to ensure shoppers genuine feelings of serenity.

One challenge that people face is measuring the correct amount of water in relation to the amount of breast milk/formula.

It will not take you long before you figure out the temperature that your baby loves and thus you will always know the correct amount of water to add by following the water amount directions in the manual.

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Evenly heats milk
Quick heating times (3 minutes)
Includes defrost setting
Does not have a keep warm function
No thermostat

Taking care of a baby can be overwhelming. Constantly worrying about whether they are hungry, sick, warm or even just happy!

For that reason, it is important to find the right tools to help ease a little of the worry.

The Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer is one of them.

This warmer works quickly and efficiently to help you feed your baby faster.

High Tech Bottle Warmer

The Philips AVENT Bottle warmer uses the latest in modern technology to meet your heating needs.

The device measures 7.5″ x 7″ x 7 inches and weighs only 1.6 ounces. The warmer heats up to 4 ounces of milk in only three minutes.

The fact that it uses water and not steam ensures that the heat is distributed evenly in the bottle so that there are no hot spots in the milk.

The bottle warmer uses a dial knob which is calibrated to help the user chose their preferred settings.

How does the Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer work?

It is very easy to use and works like most bottle warmers. Start by adding some water into the warmer before putting the bottle in.

Once the bottle is in the warmer slowly add water until it’s higher than the milk level. After that turn on the warmer and set it the heat levels according to the calibration on the dial.

Once the milk is warm you will see a blinking light indicating that your food is ready. Simple as that!

Product features

  • Compact and light weight design making it easy to carry and store
  • Ensures even heating of milk without hot spots
  • Works very fast and heats 4 ounces of milk in three minutes
  • Defrost setting that helps you heat other types of baby food as well
  • Large heating area that enables even the biggest bottles to fit easily
  • Stylish and modern design *Made using high quality and safe materials.
  • It is BPA, Lead, Latex, and Phthalate free.

It is super-fast so you do not have to keep your baby waiting for long. Despite its compact and light weight design, it can accommodate even large size baby bottles.

The defrost option on the warmer allows you to warm other types of baby food as well.

The Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer is one of the best heaters in the market. It can accommodate all Philips AVENT baby food containers as well as most of the other baby bottles in the market.

If you have not decided on a bottle warmer yet let us help you. Choose the Philips AVENT Bottle warmer and you will have found yourself a reliable feeding companion!

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Food bag safe
Has a warming time chart
Timer setting feature
Universal heating
May overheat milk
Higher range pricing

Unpacking a Kiinde kozii bottle warmer, you get the sense of an easy to use warmer. Designed with simplicity and elegance.

With only a knob present at the bottom of an impeccable curved extruded base it extends up to form a cube with slick arched corners.

The top section of the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer has a cylindrical opening where your bottle, bag or food jar is to be placed. A perfectly situated Kiinde logo at the center top of the product graces the already flawlessly designed product.

Safe interface

The Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer provides a safer interface for parents to warm breast milk, formula and stored food bags accommodating a full 8 oz bag of frozen breast milk.

With simple instructions on adding water and setting the timer given in explicit detail it redefines the complex format of heating breast milk from other conventional heating systems.

Includes warming chart

The sheer ease of use is what makes it one of the best products in the market, with a simple, easy to read warming time chart that comes along with a pictorial guide on how to set the product it essentially gives a complete overview on its working.

Preserves milk nutrients

For those who are keen on health effects, fret not for the Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer follows the CDC and USDA guidelines, and warms breast milk without eliminating the nutrition value and antibiotics present.

One of the main concern that parents often times express in conventional heating systems is the possibility of overheating, the auto shut off feature that Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer has, eliminates such possibilities.

Another incredible prospect of Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer is it does not need for meticulous measuring and pouring water after each use.

The simple intuitive interface lets you in on the completion time for a meal. With the new Kiinde kozii bottle warmer heating breast milk has never been safer or simple.

The only concern that is scarcely heard of are of short lived products, these, of course, are rectified swiftly by the company, providing the concerned customer with another of the perfect Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer.

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Smartphone app included
Know the actual temperature precicely
Fast formula heating
Great defroster
Expensive range

Have you gotten your baby bottle too hot or is it too cold?

Well here is the solution, this baby bottle warmer tends to warm the bottle to the perfect temperature and keeps it that way. The astonishing thing about it is that it has two modes.

As breast milk has to maintain a specific temperature, the first mode helps you attain and retain that temperature, while the second mode is fast for formula. This mode is specifically designed for faster heating, so you don’t have to wait if your baby is on the verge of crying.

Breast Milk Compatible

The first wonderful feature is that is has a separate mode for breast milk, specifically designed to reach and retain the body temperature.

This is a feature that makes it comfortable for the baby to drink milk along with ease at a perfectly normal temperature. This is a steady mode, for keeping the baby healthy.

Keeps You Connected

It has another great feature, it can be connected to the phone and the temperature can be managed wirelessly. This is the remote function of the Baby Brezza.

As it enables the parent or whoever is feeding the baby, to set the actual temperature without even touching the device. There is a special app that comes along with it.

Fast for Formula

Another feature is that it has a fast for formula milk. Normally formula milk has to be heated hurriedly, for it to retain its formula benefits.

These are explored via fast formula heating (don’t try this when in use). It heats so rapidly that the moms barely notice it. It is a decent addition as it gives the most consuming the minimum time possible


Another feature that has gotten me interested is that it is versatile. It defrosts baby food and it has the ability to work with all foods, it is a great Defroster.

So you don’t have to worry about defrosting, it won’t spoil your baby’s food, instead it would retain its nutrition even while defrosting.


Overall this is a great feeder warmer with a standard level of connectivity and automation. Though this is expensive it can be said that this is a must have for all those who can afford it.

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Compact size
Sterilize basket included
Night light in front of device
Cooling option
Does not heat glass bottles
Sometimes overheats

When it’s two in the morning, you have a screaming infant on your hands, and you’re already too sleep deprived to find the kitchen, let alone the light switch, you need a hot bottle, and you need it fast.

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler is easy to use, sturdy, small enough to store on a counter or side table, and light enough to travel with.

While the unit does not come with bottles, a definite “pro” is that you can use virtually any bottles you want with it (except glass!).

The unit also cools as well as heats, but really shines more brightly as a heater. It comes with two small pre-measured vials, which attach to the heating base, so you don’t have to fuss around with a measuring cup.

Fill them up before bed, and you can go to sleep prepared for two feedings. When you need a bottle, pour in the water, press the button, and you have a hot bottle in about three or four minutes. There’s also an automatic shut-off, so you don’t have to worry about the unit or bottle overheating.

Sterilize function

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler also comes with a very handy, small basket-type cup, which you can use to sterilize pacifiers or heat small jars of baby food.

There’s also a little night light on the front of the unit, so no fumbling around in the dark for vials or switches.

Cooling option

As far as the cooler section, it holds two bottles and detaches. So, while it’s nice that you can take two full chilled bottles with you on the go.

The cooling mechanism is a small container that you freeze ahead of time and place in the detachable cooler with the bottles, so your bottles only stay cool for about eight hours.

It’s great for short outings, but not something you can use for a long trip.

All told, this is a great little unit, especially if getting up in the middle of the night and either heating water on the stove or attempting to run a bottle under the hot water is exhausting you either further than you already are.

As a bottle warmer, it’s a winner. As far as the cooling feature, it’s more like a picnic cooler than an actual cooling unit, but it’s still nice to have, and you don’t have to deal with bottles and ice rattling around in an insulated tote bag.

What to look out for when choosing a bottle warmer

Bottle warmers are an expedient way to ensure a baby’s milk stays heated to a reasonable temperature.

It is an essential commodity in today’s newborns’ world, especially because of its efficiency and effectiveness in warming milk for mothers who find it tedious to put in the manual effort to do so.

This guide will help select the best bottle warmer with no worries of having to go back to the stores for the same.

How does a bottle warmer work?

Bottle warmers are hardly essential to mothers who have all the time to wear and look after their babies, but those with a tighter schedule find it reasonable and quite tributary to saving time.

It is not a must-have, but it saves time.

Baby milk should be warmed to the right temperature; human temperature is at 37 C. The bottle warmer will do that to accuracy, unlike other heating methods (such as microwave heating) that may prove harmful to the baby if the temperature goes any higher.

Traditional heating methods were such as using warm tap water to heat or dipping the bottle into warm water and demanded that one keeps a check on the bottle.

The bottle warmer eradicates that.

Picking the most suitable bottle warmer

A good bottle warmer should have characteristics such as:

Keeping the baby safe and happy.

It should cater for the baby’s well-being, keeping it from the risk of burns, in that the milk should be heated to about the body temperature of 37 C.

Even with the milk heated, the baby should acquire the appropriate nutritional content supposed to be present. Heating the milk in, say a microwave will cause a hazardous and ununiformed distribution of heat which can, in turn, lead to burning the bay in the mouth or stomach or even ruin the milk’s nourishment.

Variably manufactured

Bottles vary by width or narrowness of their bottle-mouths. Some bottles come shorter or wider than others, thus this may bring about difficulty fitting them into a bottle warmer’s chamber. Great consideration should be placed on bottle warmers that cater for such an aspect.


A great bottle warmer has the ability to heat the milk to a constant and appropriate temperature, fast and reliably. Highly recommended and efficient bottle warmers have an auto shut-off timer that goes off when the temperature is about right.

High Utility

The bottle warmer has to be easy to use. It should also be easy to clean. Easy cleaning is not a feature to be observed, though some residue may form in the warming chamber hence the need to select one with a simpler structural build.

Such as lesser contoured ones or ones which carry a higher risk for molding, like those containing reservoir systems.


The mother has to have no difficulty carrying around their bottle warmer. It has to be light.

With all this in mind, selection will generally be easier.

Different Types of Baby Bottle Warmers

Bottle warmers vary in type, like most of any other products. Find one that is suitable for your baby bottle.

Whether it is made from glass or plastic, it must be able to fit your bottle before it can work its wonders.

Standard baby bottle warmers

These are the most common and inexpensive kind. The milk bottle is placed in a central vessel in the warmer, water filled around the milk bottle and the warmer turned on.

There is an element that heats the water, whereby in turn the water heats the bottle of milk. Standard warmers will have the auto-shut off facility and a timer.

Most bottle warmers also allow heating of breastmilk and formula milk. specially useful if you freeze breastmilk for later use.

If you feed your baby breastmilk, make sure you avoid eating these 9 foods.

Flask Type Warmers

These work under the concept of Thermos flasks. They have an inner flask and a cup to hold the milk bottle. One needs to fill the flask with boiling water and put the bottle of milk in the bottle holder to heat for several minutes.

Car bottle warmers

These ones can plug itself into a car’s cigarette lighter or a wall socket. They take long thus don’t come in handy when in a hurry.

But, such bottles do not use water to heat the milk.

They are very useful while on the road and save one the time of having to fetch, boil and fill the warmer with water.

Portable baby bottle warmers

These allow one to heat the milk when on the move. They may need charging and are rather slow at heating.

‘Feeding-system’ bottle warmers

These ones are like the standard baby bottle warmers but are also have a cooling facility to keep a number of chilled bottles. These chilled ones can later be warmed in the same warmer.

Looking at these types, one can decide what type suits them best.

Benefits of using a baby bottle warmer

Bottle warmers come in handy and offer a great advantage to mothers who especially have a busy routine or can’t make head or tail of the concept of weaning due to their rookie status in the field.

Constant temperature

A good bottle warmer ensures that the baby milk is heated to a constant and reasonable temperature. It is built to maintain the milk at that very temperature.

Consistent warming

Some heating methods will heat the milk inconsistently. Some parts will be warmer than others. This is risky especially in the case of microwaves that could diminish the nutritional content of the milk due to excessive heating.

A bottle warmer allows the milk bottle to be soaked entirely into the heating chamber thus maintaining a consistent heat pattern.

Time efficiency

The most outstanding benefit of a bottle warmer is its time-saving feature. It’s embedded with facilities to ensure one does not keep checking the bottle’s temperature from time to time, as in traditional methods such as swirling the bottle under warm tap water or heating using a stove.

Convenience and diversity/versatility

Some bottle warmers allow charging; thus, they are handy during trips and vacations. Others have an outlet that allows for plugging into car cigarette lighters or power sockets. Bottle warmers vary in model and thus it’s up to the buyer to select one that suits and serves them best.


A bottle warmer is definitely a commodity a mother should have. It will cut down the time and effort deployed to heat a baby’s milk while still ensuring safety and health for their babies.

Bottle warmers are cheap and simple to use.

They allow a mother to multi-task without worry and at times do so even on the move.


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