Babies are eating machines. They need to be fed 9 times a day and without a good baby bottle it is an impossible feat. We took the courtesy of finding the best baby bottles for you.

Choosing the best baby bottles from thousands of products out there is not a problem when you know what to look out for.

Our buyers guide will give you better insight on what to look out for when purchasing a baby bottle.

How to find the perfect Baby Bottle?

Before buying the right bottle to your child, you have to eliminate a string of bottles that are unhealthy and imposes a risk to your child’s health.

Parents should be aware of the latest trends in the child care industry to find out the perfect nipple flow and neck width.

When it comes to the nipple, finding a good material, either latex or silicone nipple with the right size, shape, and structure is important to avoid reflexes.

Orthodontic nipples, flat-topped nipples, and dome shaped nipples are the different shapes to look out when it comes to nipples. But, bottles are way too difficult to purchase than most of the parents think.

Different Sizes

The bottles are readily available in four different sizes. Standard sizes are widely available in supermarkets.

But, is that all your child needs? Think again!

Sometimes baby can take in air while feeding. It is best to try out different shapes and types of bottles.

For easy cleaning, buy bottles with disposable cleaners. Have you got a microwave oven at home? Try buying a self-sterilizing baby bottle.

Bottle Material

The material of the bottle is always up to debates. Plastic bottles are handy, travel-friendly, but they might contain harmful chemicals. Also, the cleaning portion is a bit scary.

It is important to make sure they are bottle warmer friendly as well.

However, glass bottles can be easily broken. An advantage is that it does not contain any chemicals. Meanwhile, cleaning of the bottle is also very easy.

Take some time to purchase a BPA-free bottle and don’t forget to select the right size according to your child’s daily requirements. You’ll need to shorten the gap between mother’s milk and cow’s milk by feeding your child with the nipple in bottles very similar to that of yours.

Even if it is your first and foremost job to breastfeed your child, on some hectic days, a well-made bottle with the perfect neck width and nipple flow comes handy to suit your child’s daily requirements.

Features to Keep in Mind

You have to select either a Glass bottle or Plastic bottle for your baby. Before selecting always remember that glasses are easily breakable and plastic contains chemicals. If you’re opting for a plastic bottle, make sure it is bisphenol A free before buying it.

Now moving to the material, you have to choose between latex nipples or and Silicone Nipples. Latex products don’t have longevity like the Silicone. Surgical grade plastic is used for the latex nipples.

Next, you have to decide the flow rate of the nipple. You can either pick the Narrow base nipple and Wide base nipple. Newborns usually require size – 1, and the flow needs to get better with their age.

As the next step, you have to decide the size of the bottle. The size of a bottle must vary according to your baby’s age. Make sure you pick an ergonomic design. You need to maintain the bottles regularly.

Make sure you pick the brushes and detergents specifically designed for the bottle cleaning. You can buy disposable liners that can be disposable after one use. The next issue is picking the bottle cover.

It is a significant but often disregarded issue that you must take care of. Make sure the bottle top doesn’t touch the nipple of your bottle, and it is easy to dry.

Our Pick of The 10 Best Baby Bottles

All the bottles on this list are BPA free, one of the most important aspects when choosing the best baby bottles.

Also looked into is how well build the anti colic and air venting system is. This prevents excessive air from being sucked.

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The Good
Soft silicone nipple
microwave dishwasher safe
non leaking vents
The Bad
Tips over easily

Comotomo set out to design the perfect bottle for babies. Babies used to being breastfed will love this product. What they came up with was a bottle that didn’t have the usual hard plastic shell.

Instead, this bottle is made of a soft silicone that simulates the feel of skin, and this bottle has a wide neck for easy cleaning. The lid also features a wide base and silicone nipple that resembles the shape of a breast.

Comotomo has given their bottle all these design features to make a baby’s transition to bottle from the breast as easy as possible.

When drinking from a competitor’s traditional bottle, the shape of the nipple, as well as the way milk flows from the nipple is completely different from a breast. A baby thus develops different sucking techniques for bottles and breasts.

Because of this, once a baby that has been bottle fed goes back onto the breast, the baby is less likely to effectively drink milk from their mother. This can lead to irritation and frustration for both the mother and baby.

But that’s not the only drawback of using a traditional bottle. With a competitor’s bottle, the nipple only has one hole so that milk and air must exit and enter from the same place.

This can cause a baby to ingest a lot of air which leads to colic. Many bottles today have an air plug at the back of the bottle to avoid this, but it can leak and get messy.

To avoid nipple confusion, Comotomo has created a bottle nipple that mimics the way a natural nipple gives milk.

In this way, babies avoid nipple confusion and can easily go back and forth between breast and bottle. To avoid colic, Comotomo’s bottle has two vents on the lid next to the nipple so that the baby only drinks milk and not air.

Comotomo has certainly seemed to create a better bottle design.

However, there are just a few complaints about this bottle. For example, the nipple is made out of a smooth silicon that is slippery to the touch, this makes it difficult for some babies to properly latch onto the bottle.

Comotomo’s bottle only has two colors: green and pink. This is usually fine, but if you have twins or multiple babies then your options are limited when purchasing this bottle.

With that said, Comotomo has created a bottle that is designed to help newborns easily transition from nipple to bottle. This is great news for mothers that just want a little break from breastfeeding.

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The Good
Vented Bottle Design
Maintains Vitamins C A E+
BPA Free
The Bad
Many parts to assemble

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle is a brand that offers complete feeding system for babies by manufacturing feeding bottles.

These feeding bottles are unique from other bottles because they are fully vented and vacuum free. The feeding system is recognized widely by health professionals and parents as the most effective way of curbing colic symptoms.

What makes the bottle superior to others?

Dr. Browns Original Bottle uses a unique system which is absent in other feeding bottles. It uses the patented two-piece internal vent system. This system ensures the comfort of the baby while feeding.

How does the system work?

The system first creates pressure flow for feeding. The feeding is free from vacuum just like breastfeeding. As the baby is feeding, flows air channeled to the back of the bottle from the collar of the nipple via the vent so the formula or flows freely and the nipple does not collapse.

In the process, air cannot mix with the formula or milk hence prevention of oxidation. This is what makes it superior to other feeding products.

Notable Features of Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle:

  • The bottle is vacuum free
  • It has a vent system which removes air bubbles in the formula.
  • Reduces feeding problems such as spit-up, burping, gas, and colic.
  • The bottle is free from phthalate, PVC, BPA, and lead.
  • It has a silicone nipple
  • The bottle has one cleaning brush and also instructions are provided.

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle advantages

There are many advantages of using Dr. Brown’s original feeding bottles. It prevents colic symptoms which are caused by regular teats and bottles.

Safety of the baby is ensured since the bottle is free from the poisonous heavy metals of lead, phthalate, PVC, and BPA. The baby gets all the nutrients in the milk or formula due to the presence of the vent system which hinders oxidation.

Some baby bottles fail to do this and can result in the loss of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, D, A, and K.

The cost of the bottle is relatively affordable and it promotes good health and nutrition.

Dr. Brown’s original bottle produces amazing results in promoting the health nutritional status of the babies and the mothers. It is a widely recognized brand, which ensures high-quality control. The patented double vent system is also a plus when providing a healthy feeding method.

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The Good
BPA Free
Tempered Glass
Micro Air Vented
The Bad
Leaks with poor venting

This is a straight baby feeding bottle made of tempered glass. The Evenflo Feeding Glass Twist Bottles are designed to meet all your feeding needs.

The bottles are made of high-quality materials. Hence they are both safe and efficient. The nipples are made of high-grade silicone. Tempered glass is used to product the bottle. Both of these features ensure that there is no emission of dangerous chemicals from the bottle.

Evenflo has been manufacturing baby care products for over 90 years. They have perfected the art of making childcare products that are safe, effective and attractive as well.

The last part is still true for the Evenflo Classic Glass Bottle. The tempered glass gives the bottle that a cozy and classic feel while the twisted shape adds a modern touch to it. The result is a really cool looking bottle!

Product sizes

The bottles come in 4 Ounces and 8ounces. Ybuyurchase one bottle, a 3pack or a 6pack. Just choose the option that works for you. Evenflo sells all its products at customer friendly prices. So let your order size be the result of your need and not by fear of exorbitant pricing.

Why are the Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles so special?
Not only are they stylish but they also guarantee that your child will have safe and comfortable feeding experience every time they use them.

Product Features:

  • Made of tempered glass which is recyclable
  • High-quality silicon nipple
  • Micro Air Vents present in the nipple to stop collapse
  • Modern twisting shape
  • No BPA (Bisphenol A) present

The nipple is stable and does not collapse easily. Hence, ensuring continuous feeding. Its strong nipple can withstand a lot of biting without wearing out. It has a slow flow of milk ensuring that the baby only gets what it can handle at a time.

The bottle is very light making it easy for the baby to carry. Allows for thorough and easy cleaning due to the strong tempered glass. The quality of glass prevents staining of the bottles

A few pointers to note is that due to poor venting the baby may have to take breaks while sucking. Some bottles develop holes on their nipple covers and can cause leakages.

The Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles are an excellent product. They are completely safe with high standards. The other reason why we think you should try these bottles is that they make the feeding process much easier.

Not only do they make it comfortable for the baby to feed but they also allow you to clean them as thoroughly as you would like without fear of damage.

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The Good
Protective silicone sleeve
thermal shock resistant
The Bad
Heavy for baby to hold

The Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle has a unique design with a silicone sleeve that has a nubby texture with an open design.

This silicone sleeve provides grip making it easy for toddlers to handle and also acts as a shock absorber if the bottle is dropped. The baby bottle also has a slim design for fitting in cup holders.

This product is fast becoming the number one bottle because it is a first class product. Compared to other similar products, Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle comes in different sizes and colors that suit your preference.

Most people recommend this bottle for newborn babies because the Lifefactory brand has interchangeable mouthpieces.

Thus, your child can grow with their favorite bottle. With these interchangeable caps, you get an easy transition from the baby bottle to the Sippy cup and even to the lunch box bottle.

Features of the Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle:

  • A thermal borosilicate glass which is shock resistant and can transition from freezer to hot water without breaking. This borosilicate glass also makes this product dishwasher safe.
  • The materials of the Lifefactory BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle are eco-friendly and a healthier alternative to plastic bottles. The components are BPA/BPS and phthalate free.
  • The bottle is purchased with Stage 1 silicone nipples, polypropylene caps, rings and stoppers which are ideal for newborns.
  • The product has a silicone leak proof valve which prevents side leakage. The valve also provides a steady flow control.
  • The entire bottle set is compatible with breast pump models which are very convenient for working mothers.

But quality products come with a higher price tag. Given the interchangeability of the mouthpieces, in the long run, the bottle is a good investment.

The bottle is heavier compared to the plastic bottles and hence more prone to breakage. This is why the silicone sleeve plays such an important role of cushioning.

When in need of cleaning, the dishwasher can be safely used to wash the sleeve as well as the glass bottle. You can then sterilize them without worry of breakage or tearing of the silicone sleeve.

This baby bottle is unique in design with materials that are safe for your kids and environment. The silicone sleeve is a plus to this product because it provides grip ability and cushion in case of falls.

This is the most eco-friendly option for all environment lovers. It is best to be cautious because the glass can break and hence children should use it only when supervised.

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The Good
Flow Control Valve
Mimics natural feeding
BPA Free
The Bad
Flow too quick for some babies

The Medela Calma Breastmilk Baby Bottle is an ingenious solution for breastfed babies. The breast is still the main source of milk and therefore the Calma is just a supplement, not a replacement.

It allows the baby to suck, swallow and breathe just like at the breast. This makes it much easier to switch from the breast and back as the experience is almost similar.

Here are some great features of this baby bottle:

  • The flow control valve: It allows for the baby to control milk flow. Milk only flows when the baby sucks thereby creating a vacuum.
  • Mimics natural feeding behavior: The baby is able to feed, pause and breathe similar to breastfeeding. The feeding behavior exhibited when breastfeeding remains the same with the Calma Baby bottle.
  • BPA free: Safe for both you and your baby.No Leaking: Very easy to carry around without creating a mess. The baby needs to suck on the bottle for the milk to flow.
  • One size/shape nipple: Throughout the baby’s growth, the shape and length of the Medela Calma Bottle are designed to suit the baby at each stage.
  • Vented nipple: The air control system in the vents controls the air passing through from bottle into the belly.

What is included?

A Calma nipple with lid A Breastmilk bottle(150ml ) with 2 lids Two breastmilk bottles (250ml) with lids.

Learning how to use the Calma bottle is pretty easy. First, hold the baby in a comfortable feeding position. Then hold the Calma bottle at a 45-degree angle. Wait for the baby to open its mouth then place the nipple at the tip of the baby’s tongue. The baby will soon begin to feed. Refrain from pulling or pushing the Calma. It is not safe and it could make the baby choke.

Pros of using the Medela Calma Breastmilk Baby Bottle:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Infant controlled flow.
  • No leaking or spillage.
  • Multi flow nipple.

Some may argue that the bottle has too many parts making it difficult to assemble. The price is also in the upper range. But, if you are looking to give your baby one of the best products, then this is it for you.

The Medela Calma Breastmilk Baby Bottle is one of a kind in the market. It is an innovative product that uses modern technology to improve the baby’s feeding experience.

It is a must have for any mother who is looking to switch from breast to bottle or vice versa as it does not interfere with the baby’s feeding routine.

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The Good
Baby controls flow
integrated venting system
BPA Free
The Bad
Nipple is hard and flat

Mimijumi baby bottle is a product of the Mimijumi company. For years, the Austria-based company has been designing simple solutions to common parenting challenges. Bottle feeding enables mothers to feed their babies comfortably in public and as often as the baby demands.

The Mimijumi baby bottle was created to make feeding more enjoyable. For both mothers and their babies.

The bottle comes in two sizes. These are the very hungry 8-ounce bottle and the 4-ounce not so hungry bottle.

The product includes a clear jar with a red-colored non-skid base. This is made of Swiss nylon which gives it a clear-as-glass appearance and the durability of plastic but without the potentially harmful effects.

The rim of the jar is tilted at an angle to allow easier handling. Measurements also comes with the jar to ensure accurate feeding.

It comes with a screw-on top that closely resembles a mother’s nipple in shape, color, and texture. This is made of medical grade silicon. The box also contains a care manual and a travel cap to allow spill-free portability.

Here are some of the features this baby bottle holds:

  • Similar to a mother’s breast
  • Prevents nipple confusion allowing one to interchange between bottle and breast feeding
  • Does not contain latex, BPA or any other harmful chemicals
  • The device has a large mouth and few parts making it easy to clean. One does not require a bottle brush
  • It allows the baby to determine the flow of milk
  • The bottle has a venting system that reduces the amount of air the baby swallows while feeding. This minimizes the occurrence of colic
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • The jar remain clear even with repetitive washing

This baby bottle is the perfect alternative to breastfeeding. It may also be used during the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. The bottle allows mothers to feed their babies anywhere and at any time.

Some may say the screw-on cap does not have a variety of colour. Also the box only contains one jar and cap. Making it a need for frequent cleaning.

The Mimijumi baby bottle is a great addition to breastfeeding. It puts into consideration the needs of both the mother and baby in its overall design.

Integrating this device into your baby’s feeding schedule is sure to simplify the entire process and allow easier latching. With this bottle, mothers do not have to make compromises when feeding their babies.

Its features make it a wonderful and appropriate gift for any newborn.

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The Good
Breast Shaped silicone nipple
Anti-Colic System
Heat and thermal shock proof
The Bad
vents clog up

This product is for mothers who are not always available at home to breastfeed the baby. The Philip AVENT Natural glass bottle comes in handy to serve this purpose of feeding the baby.

A mother needs not to worry if they do not have all the time to feed their child. Once the milk has been extracted from the breast and put into this bottle, then the baby is good to go in terms of breastfeeding.

The AVENT Natural glass bottle has a feature that makes it easy to store under any kind of temperature. These features and others that make it a go-to bottle for feeding include:

Resistance to heat

This glass bottle has a resistance to heat and shock. It makes it suitable to store in the fridge and the milk can also be warmed using the same bottle. Whenever you need to sterilize the bottle, then it can be done under any temperatures.

It has a lactation system similar to that of the nipple that allows the baby to combine feeding through the bottle and breastfeeding as well.

Petals for a soft and flexible nipple

The petals found inside the nipple of the bottle makes the nipple soft. When the baby is breastfeeding, therefore, they enjoy the process because there is a lot of comfort in it.

Innovative twin valve

This allows for air to get into the bottle and into the baby’s tummy during feeding and also helps to reduce any kind of discomfort.

It is also an easy to clean bottle. This makes it easy to remove any traces of milk or dirt that may result in the failure of the health of the baby. It does not need any special way to assemble it after cleaning.

There are a lot of good points mentioned for this product. However, there have been several complaints about how scarce it has gotten to be in the market.

Those who managed to get hold of it was not able to receive good customer service from the company.

In conclusion, it is a good product to go for and especially for mothers who hardly have time to breastfeed. But they need to at least get a direct contact with a person they’d be contacting in order to have all the information needed to make the bottle fit for use.

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The Good
Disposable Liners
Reduce Gas and Colic
BPA Free
The Bad
Hard to tell how much milk in bottle

Playtex is a brand established and trusted for over 50 years around the globe, and for very good reason!

They’ve are one of the most innovative, dependable and high-quality brands. Being in the industry focused mainly on infant care products.

The Playtex Baby Nurser Baby Bottle is designed provides the closest simulation to breastfeeding. It will feel very natural while feeding. Reducing the difficulties when attempting to switch between both breast and bottle feeding.

It doesn’t take long to discover a lot of experience, research, and thoughtful design that goes into making this bottle. It is one of the most superior models available on the market.

Disposable Bags

A diaphragm design is used to control the flow of the milk. A plastic disposable bag is used within the bottle itself. In a manner which is incredibly life like, reducing trapped air, and thus reducing the risk of colic too.

The internal liners are entirely disposable, instantly replaceable and come pre-sterilized. This means you can spend less time washing the bottle, and more time using it!

With the pre-sterilization too, you’ll know that you can have a clean and fresh bottle ready for your child in no time at all. You can even use one hand to assemble the entire bottle if need be!

Great Design

The ‘Naturalatch’ nipple is a wider nipple attachment design. It has a slightly raised texture, in a pattern that most matches that of a real nipple.

The design of the Playtex Baby Nurser Baby Bottle nipple is clinically proven. It is to help the baby latch on, it is also helpful in assisting the baby breathing in a relaxed manner too.

There’s also the tilted design of the bottle, with a perfect curvature allowing the angle of the nipple to be ideally placed for the baby. All this while being cradled in your arms.

This is not just a benefit to the child, however, as the angled nature of the bottle can help to reduce strain on the hand and wrist of the person feeding the baby.

With a combination of patented and clinically proven designs, it’s almost impossible not to recommend it.

Though there’s still room for improvement, such as having a slightly easier to undo cap or a smaller design. This is because the plastic is rather thick. These are minor criticisms of what is a near perfect design. In a rather seemingly crowded industry, this is a product that’s risen to the top for all the right reasons.

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The Good
Hands Free System
Latch on Nipple
Controlled Air Flow
The Bad
not for newborns

Tinukim Hands-Free Baby Bottle is manufactured by Tinukim. The also produce a variety of baby products. The Pediatrician Association of America recommends this brand. Manufacturing quality milk bottles focused on babies in the weaning and suckling age.

Pros of the product

The bottle can be hands free. It can be placed in a fixed location. This makes it convenient for traveling and sets it apart from the majority competitors.

The nipple on the bottle is designed to feel like a mother’s nipple. This ensures an easy transition between suckling breast milk and milk from the bottle.

There is a latch on the nipple to ensure milk draw efficiency. The milk flow stops once the child is not sucking. This allows the child to have full control reducing spillage.

It is safer to use compared to its rival. FDA approved plastic is used for production. The bottles are vacuumed to prevent bacteria.

Here are some features of the baby bottle:

  • The bottle consists of four attached parts.
  • Ergonomically designed bottle
  • Very stable structure.
  • Plastic tubing acts like a straw. This ensures the bottle does not need to be held close to the baby’s mouth.
  • A lid to cover the bottle this ensures the milk remains sterile at all times.
  • A nipple with mouth parts of different sizes based the range of babies ages. The sizes range from one to five.
  • It comes with a cleaning brush to clean the mouth part and the bottle ensuring sterility and disease prevention.
  • A cleaning straw to clear any blockages in the tubing is present.

It is hard to find any fault with such a lovely product. The ability to detach the different parts of the bottle is a bittersweet scenario. It is quite easy to lose one of the components; they should be kept with care.

Tinukim Hands-Free Baby Bottle is an amazing product especially for mothers with young babies who are constantly on the move. Feeding can now be done with peace whether the baby is in the car or a baby carrier.

It comes with clever features such as a latch to prevent milk spills and a nipple that mimics the true nipple. At around 10 dollars it is a must have for any mother with a baby who is already weaning.

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The Good
Natural Feeding nipple
Air venting Valve
BPA Free
The Bad
Parts are hard to wash

What We Like: Amazing, ‘natural-latch’ nipple, simple to use and clean, well-thought out wide hourglass design.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta bottle is well known worldwide. They provide that unique feeling of feeding on a natural breast.

It’s a trustworthy name that’s been on sale for 50 years now, being the best-selling brand in the UK and Australia and one of the most popular ones in the US. We found that its compact and cute design is also easy to clean and simple to use.

What are the benefits?

The main draw of this bottle is its large and soft nipple, available in four gradually increasing rates of flow that is suitable for your baby’s changing feeding habits as they keep growing.

The Fiesta bottle is completely BPA-free plastic, but you can get a transparent glass bottle that is the exact same thing and fits the same nipple should you desire.

The entire product also has just four parts – the nipple, the collar, the bottle itself and a travel cap. All of which are easy to clean by hand as well as dishwasher and microwave safe, to keep the hassle to a minimum.

The wide, hourglass shaped bottle is easy to hold both for parents during feeding as well as for babies. It fits easily into the standard bottle warmer and has clearly visible measurements for bottle prep.

Things to keep in mind

The flow markers on the side of the nipple are a bit difficult to spot, which can be a problem during late night feeding sessions.

Some users mentioned the bottles to be a bit leaky. The nipple and the collar are separate. However, this may be caused by faulty products.

The cap comes off rather easily when dropped on the floor. The super-soft and flexible nipple works for some babies, but others may prefer harder nipples.

The nipple can collapse and pushed inside easily. This is a problem if your baby has a biting habit. That’s easily reversible with a simple squeeze but nevertheless can get pretty annoying for both baby and parents.

The four ‘flow’ levels are either spot-on or too much/too little, depending on what your baby likes. So be sure to test that out before you invest in the full set.

The Travel cap is not as drop-proof as the bottle itself. The super-soft nipple is either fun or annoying depending on what your baby feels about it.

The Tommee Tippee “Closer to Nature” bottle is kind of a polarizing choice. The parents and babies that like it really, love it and swear by it. The ones that don’t, well, they really don’t.

It is, however, a solid product and definitely an option to consider. So be sure to try out a single bottle and nipple before investing in a full pack. Also be sure to also try out what kind of ‘flow’ your little one prefers. It is one of the most important factors when providing a good feeding habit.

How to use a Baby Bottle Properly?

Finding the perfect bottle for your baby is all well and good. But it will not be effective if you do not know how to use it properly. Here are some dos and don’ts you must remember while using the baby bottle.

Do sterilize the baby bottle

Sterilize your baby bottle by cleaning it with hot water before giving it to your baby.

Germs and bacteria cannot live in a hot temperature. So, by cleaning the bottle with water, you can ensure that they do not affect your baby.

Remember also that, just pouring hot water on the bottle does not mean you have sterilized it. You must clean it properly to ensure safety before giving it to your baby. Follow the given steps to conduct a proper sterilizing.

  • Fill the basin with hot water
  • Put the bottle along with its nipple and caps and submerge them in hot water
  • Use an effective dishwashing liquid and clean the insides using a rotating brush
  • Submerge them again and take them out
  • Rinse it with normal water until there is no trace of any dishwashing liquid in the bottle
  • Finally, use a clean towel to dry them
Use warm water or milk

After you have properly sterilized the bottle, you can now pour warm water or milk. Warm water would have no germs.

Remember I have used the word warm and not hot. It means that after you have boiled the milk or water let it cool off a little, before pouring it into the baby bottle.

Hot water is good for cleaning but not for the bottle to contain.

Hot water or milk with high temperature would not go well with a plastic bottle. Furthermore, if your baby were to take a sip of such hot water or milk, it may burn his/her mouth.

Don’t pour in any other liquid

If you are going to use the baby bottle only for giving milk, then do not pour any other liquid food items like fruit juice or such other into the baby bottle. It would ruin the smell of the bottle and might bring a bad taste to the milk.


As mentioned earlier, a wide range of the best baby bottles are available in the market. While choosing them, take into account certain factors like age of your baby, the material of the bottle and such.

It is good to purchase from a particular brand or dealer alone. But make sure you have checked the reviews on those brands and dealers before buying from them.

If they do not have any reviews, then ask for a reference from your friends and family. It would enable you to make a right choice over the health and playfulness of your baby.



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