Baby carriers provide a convenient way for parents to keep their babies in close vicinity to them. With the help of baby carriers, they are still able to carry out everyday tasks. We will be looking at different functions to to help you find the best baby carrier.

Baby carriers are becoming a popular item recommended for every new parent. It allows you to be hands-free while securing your baby close to you.

This creates a world of opportunity for busy parents like yourself who still want to take care of their baby. It can also be a great alternative to baby strollers.

In order to help you search for the most suitable baby carrier, we have compiled 10 of the best baby carriers on the market.

We will be performing an in-depth review of each one so you have a better understanding before purchasing.

10 Best Baby Carriers Reviews

When it comes to baby carriers, you would want to get the most out of it.

It can be storage space, comfortability or how many different carrying methods it includes. From front facing to inward facing and back carrying, there are a wide variety of baby carriers.

Now, lets check out the top 10 baby carriers and see which one is most suitable for you.

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The Good
4 in 1 design
extra padding shoulder straps
wonder cover bib
The Bad
Not a good fit for small parents

The Infantino Flip Advanced Convertible Carrier is a multiple baby carrier. With 4 ways to carry your baby.

Infantino is a company that caters for babies. They have products ranging from carriers to toys. This shows that they focus on providing the best products for babies.

The Infantino Flip Advance baby carrier is highly customizable for your needs. The four different ways to carry your baby makes it a lot more flexible.

Your baby will be able to grow with the flexibility and convertibility of the baby carrier.

It includes a super supportive waist belt and adjustable padded straps. Allowing for long wearability.

The Flip Advanced baby carrier has a unique convertible seat making it ideal for carrying your baby through the years.

You can switch the position from narrow to wide to hold different sized infants.

Securely carry infants from 8-32lbs. It is also machine washable to ensure it is clean before every use.

Convertible Seat

Without the need of extra infant inserts, this baby carrier is able to transform. The Flip Advanced Carrier can change the width of the seat making it comfortable for your baby.

As your child grows, you can expand the seat and provide better support for older babies.

It is important to provide the correct posture for your baby when carrying them. This baby carrier ensures your baby has their legs open and well seated.

You can choose from 4 different seating options:

  • Front Facing-In Narrow Seat
  • Facing-In Wide Seat
  • Facing Out
  • Back Carry

Comfortable Carrying

The baby carrier also includes extra paddings to give your shoulders some comfort. An adjustable waist belt distributes the weight of your child.

It is fully adjustable to fit dads and moms of all body types. The Infantino Flip Advanced Convertible Carrier caters most body shapes.

The extendable straps allow you to create the most comfortable carrying position for yourself.

This ensures your baby is secure and safe in the device.

Wonder Cover Bib

In order to protect your clothing from your baby spit-up and drools, the baby carrier includes a cover bib. Attached to the inside of the baby carrier when facing in.

This keeps all the drool and spits from landing your clothes. Instead, blocked by the wonder cover bib.

The cover bib is also detachable and machine washable. This makes it much easier to clean the carrier instead of throwing the whole thing into your washing machine.

All in all, with so many functions in one product, it makes it one of the best baby carrier you can get your hands on.

It is definitely worth the deal and allows you to use it through the growth of your baby.

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The Good
3 in 1 design
pockets for storage
ergonomically designed
The Bad
Bulky design

The Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier is able to distribute the weight of your baby evenly. It won’t put stress on your shoulders with wide straps.

It is quick and easy to use with no folding or tying needed. Just put your baby in the carrier and you can enjoy hands-free parenting.

With the Mo+m Baby Carrier, you can enjoy doing the things you need to do. Enjoy the fresh air with your baby while their weight distributed to your hips.

Ergonomically designed

Designed ergonomically, it holds the baby to your body naturally. It also provides the support to keep your hands-free.

Included is a soft padded shoulder strap to keep your shoulders from being sore. An adjustable waist strap can distribute the weight so you can carry your baby all day long.

yet also provides the support necessary to keep you hands-free. The soft, padded shoulder straps and waist strap keep you comfortable with even weight distribution so you can carry all day long.

Great portability

The Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier is highly portable. Made with 100% cotton, the soft structure is foldable. You can easily place it in a diaper bag when not needed.

Other than the ease of storage, it is machine washable so you don’t worry about little accidents.

The baby carrier also includes storage pockets for you to store away essentials. In addition to keeping your baby close to you, it is amazing how convenient it is with those extra pockets.

The Mo+m baby carrier also features a sun hood and zip up window to keep your baby comfortable.

You can easily keep your baby away from the sun or let a cool breeze in when it’s too hot.

Proven Benefits of Baby Carrying

Carrying your baby is to improve emotional and mental development.

Babies also cry less and tend to be much less fussy overall. This makes them more open to learning.

With it being ergonomically designed, it will keep your baby safe while you carry them around. The wide seat base will allow your baby to spread their legs and distribute their weight easily.

So if you are looking to carrying your baby around, make sure you get a baby carrier.

When you use the Mo+m Carrier you get scientifically proven developmental benefits.

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The Good
5 in 1 design
can turn into waistband
adjustable waist band
The Bad
Waist band not long enough

With the Brighter Elements Baby Carrier, you are able to hold your baby for hours. The baby carrier is made with quality material. The manufacturer also has a quality attention to detail.

Not only is the baby carrier comfortable for your baby, but also for the one carrying it.

Included is a detachable sleeping hood and spacious storage pouch. With ergonomics kept in mind while designing it, it will keep your baby safe.

Multiple Functions

The Brighter Elements Baby Carrier has the ability to convert into 5 different settings. Depending on your mood, you can change to different settings anytime you want.

It also provides a lot of back support eliminating shoulder and back pain. The softly padded waist support gives you better security.

A safe baby carrier is what you should be looking for. The Brighter Elements Baby Carrier equipped for all situations and baby sizes.

You can have the baby front facing or inward facing and even carry it on your back.

No other baby carrier has the flexibility of different positions that offer such safety.

High-Quality Material

What separates this baby carrier from other brands is the high-quality materials. It uses premium material that is 100% Cotton.

It gives the carrier a comfortability for a long period of time. You are able to carry your baby for a whole day and does not strain your shoulders or your hips.

The soft material will keep your baby close to you without hurting them. They will be able to comfortably sit in the correct posture all day.

With a wide seat base, your baby will be sat in an M shape provided the best support. This baby carrier is suitable for babies from 6 months old to toddlers.

Your child is able to grow into the baby carrier without the need to change it every year.

Comfortable Mom Guarantee

The sellers, Brighter Elements are so confident with their product they have a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the product in any way, you are eligible to receive a full refund.

With 5 different design settings, this baby carrier is by far the most versatile and cost effective. It is also machine washable. So when it is dirt from drool and spit up, you can toss it into a washing machine and dry on low heat.

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The Good
2 in 1 design
developed with paediatricians
head support
The Bad
Limited view for baby

BabyBJorn developed their first baby carrier back in 1973. The design focused on maximizing the closeness between you and your child.

Developed through time, the BabyBJorn Baby Carrier provides essential contact to help you bond with your newborn baby.

Ergonomically designed to ensure the baby has a healthy posture. The baby carrier has two options. Facing in and facing out.

Focused for newborns and no infant insert needed with the product. Pediatricians used throughout development. This ensures proper support for your baby’s neck and spine.

The BabyBJorn baby carrier is small and easy to use. It fits perfectly and securely to any body shape with only a few adjustments.

Perfect for newborns

Unlike other products in the market, no infant insert needed with this product. The Baby Carrier Original focused its design on newborns.

Specially designed to fit your baby right from birth. The Baby Carrier Original has a firm, adjustable head support. This allows for proper support of the baby’s head without your aid.

Your baby’s legs can move freely allowing them to develop the needed muscles and balance.

Small and easy to use

It is very easy to put on and take off without any help. Very useful when you want to transfer your baby onto the bed.

If your baby falls asleep while in the carrier, all you have to do is unfasten the side strap to open the front part of the carrier.

This prevents the need to wake your baby up.

Provides essential closeness

The Baby Carrier Original gives you a new experience of being close to your child. Being able to bond with your child from the very beginning.

When carrying your baby, it is high on your chest facing you. The baby’s head is able to rest on your heart giving them the needed support and protection.

The position the baby sits inside the carrier allows them to keep the airways free. You are also able to feel your child’s breathing.

The warmth of your body adds to the effects for your baby to feel calm and secure.

Grow with the baby carrier

You can adjust the size of the baby carrier while your baby grows in size. All you have to do is adjust the adjustable buckle.

The head support can fold down so that when your child is older, he or she can face outwards.

The buckles are also color coded to make sure you do not mistakenly fasten the wrong buckle. It will ensure everytime you carry your baby it is secure and safe.

Shoulder straps distribute weight evenly for comfortable carrying. Great for long periods of carrying, which can have a toll on your shoulders.

Outward-facing option

Although it is better to have the baby facing you while in a baby carrier. After half a year, once your baby’s spine is strong enough, you can change to the forward facing option.

This allows your baby to discover the world wit their own eyes at your perspective.

All-important head support

Newborn baby’s heads weigh a third of their body. Imagine that!
They are not yet strong enough to hold their heads up without proper support.

This is why this baby carrier has proper neck and head support.

Safe And Tested Materials

The product created with high-quality materials are kind to your baby’s skin. It is harmless to chew on as well.

Materials used are also approved at international safety standard for textures. It contains no hazardous substances.

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The Good
2 in 1 design
removable canopy hood
M shape position
The Bad
Buckles near baby eyes

TheInfantino Cuddle Up Ergonomic Hoodie Carrier is able to carry babies from 12 lb to 40 lbs.

It has a comfortable ergonomic seat allowing your baby to sit properly. There are two ways to sit in this baby carrier. You can have your baby placed in front of your or carry them like a backpack.

There is a removable canopy hoody styled as a teddy bear giving it a cute touch.

The whole product is machine washable making it easy for you to clean if drool or dirt gets on it.

Canopy Hood

 The canopy hood acts as a shade cover. Once it goes over the head you are still able to have full sight of your baby. Allowing you to make sure your child is safe.

The hood is also detachable, so if you do not need it, tuck it away easily. The hoodie attached with a quick and easy velcro for easy access. This can be easily removed or put on while still carrying the baby.

Ergonomic Design

To give your baby the utmost comfort, the product has an open chest design. Your baby rests on your chest instead of the product.

This gives you a close bond with your newborn child. The baby carrier has a wide seat to give support from knee-to-knee. The back support is also curved to give a comfortable right.

If you tend to share baby carriers among family members, you can adjust the shoulder straps. There is also a wide waist belt that distributes weight to your hips. Giving your shoulders a rest so all the weight is not on it.

The shoulder straps have an extra thick plush on it so you can wear it for a long period of time.

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The Good
Breastfeeding compatible
95% Cotton
Best for newborns
The Bad
Not for big babies

The Boba Wrap Carrier made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. This gives it a soft yet stretchy texture. With it being a wrap carrier, it is very flexible and allows it to shape around your babies body.

You can use standard tying styles suit your needs and how you move. Allowing flexibility to all users.

The baby carrier is also machine washable to ensure it is clean all the time. The baby wrap is great for newborn as their hands tuck in giving close comfort.

Birth to Toddler

Allow your newborn to grow into the baby carrier. It fits from birth to around 18 months. The Boba Wrap gives you and your newborn a close bond.

You can tuck your baby in so it is close to your chest or tie it so that they sit securely.

With the thin material, your baby can feel and hear your heartbeat. This makes it more comfortable for the newborn and give them more security.

Easy to tie

With it being a wrap, it is free of buckles. You can give your baby a perfect fit every time you use this carrier.

Practice a few times with the included wrap instructions. You will be a pro in no time.

It consists of a simple tying style for a perfect fit. With complete support of the baby for hands-free adventuring. The soft material enables flexible and comfortability to last.

Breastfeeding friendly

Most baby carriers do not allow you to breastfeed at the same time due to the straps. The Boba Wrap enables you to breastfeed anytime and anywhere with privacy.

It is easy to take off and strap on. The soft and strong cotton knit made for durability. It does not sag from many uses to ensure the baby’s safety.

The Boba Wrap gives a comfortable fit every time you tie it. this makes sure you can safely carry your baby and still look after your baby’s growth.

The baby carrier arrives with a drawstring carrying sack when you do not need it. A fully instructional booklet with photos included as well.

This is probably one of the best wrap type baby carriers in the market.

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The Good
6 in 1 Design
Temperature regulation panel
M Shape position
The Bad
Hard to put on

The Lumiere Universal Baby Carrier has 6 carry positions. Yes you read that right, 6!

This includes:

  • Front-Newborn
  • Front-Infant
  • Face-Out
  • Front-Toddler
  • Hip
  • Back

The front carrying seat is adjustable to different widths accommodating different size babies.

The adjustable bucket seat ergonomically designed for perfect posture. The ideal position for the newborn is the “M-shape” position.

Made with top quality material that is soft touching for your baby. There is a mesh panel for adequate airflow allowing you to use the baby carrier all year long.

The shoulder straps are strongly padded to ensure comfortable wearing. The waistbelt and lumbar support alleviate pressure on your shoulders for longer carrying times.

Notable Features:

The product known as “hip healthy” by IHDI
There are accessible pockets for phones
For petite moms/dads there is a 2 way crassable strap
It is breastfeeding friendly

One of a kind

The Lumiere Universal carrier is one of the most featured packed baby carriers in the market. It comes with everything you wish for!

From adjustable bucket seats to neck support. There is also a removable sleeping hood for utmost comfort. Your newborn baby can grow into the baby carrier without the need of changing.

It’s the ideal All-in-One baby carrier for your years of parenthood.

Any time of the year

The mesh panel is able to adjust the temperature and regulate airflow. It allows you to easily control the temperature to keep your baby cool or warm.

There is a zip up for warmth and you can remove the panel for cooling. It is a great investment with multiple functions.

Patent pending seating position

From day 1 your baby will be ergonomically seated in every stage. You also have the option to face your baby or have it face outwards. The seating position is also patent pending.

The M shape position will allow your baby to stay healthy. Recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy product.

All parts of the baby carrier passed international safety standards. The materials are safe and free from health hazardous materials.

Your baby will be safe from early stages.

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The Good
Comfortable sling wrap
machine washable
M Shape position
The Bad
Hard to use

Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier is a versatile and comfortable baby wrap. A baby wrap provides the best bonding between mother and baby.

It also makes your life easier and comfortable during the day. Also enhancing your baby’s social and emotional development.

Made with tightly woven 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The baby wrap provides a soft touch for your baby. The baby wrap does not have any buckles or rings. You simply tie it on with tapered ends.

You will be able to keep the baby’s legs apart and support the head as they learn how to develop their muscles.

Suitable for newborns to toddlers up to 35 lbs. The Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier comes with a DVD and a storage bag. Providing information on how to tie the baby wrap.

Hand-free Baby Carrier

With the baby sling, you are able to use both hands during the day. You can go for walks, wash your dishes, or even walk your dog when carrying a baby!

The baby placed close to your heart for the most comfort. Your newborn child will be able to feel and hear your heartbeat giving them a secure environment.

Wide and Long

The baby sling is 4.5 meters long and 0.5 meters wide. It is able to provide the best support for your baby’s head, back, and neck. All while allowing them to develop their own muscles.

When the baby wraps properly in a sling, their muscles relax and will cry less. This also makes it much easier for them to fall asleep.

Breastfeeding Friendly

Many baby carriers do not allow this function. It is an important job to feed your baby and to do it right. with the baby close to your chest, breastfeeding will be easy.

The baby sling also provides a private setting while feeding. Enabling you to develop a closer bond between the baby and yourself.

Shoulder and back pain-free

Instead of two thin shoulder straps, the baby sling provides proper weight distribution. It gives your waist and shoulders proper support while holding your baby.

The sling covers the area around your spine making it easier for movement and weight distribution.

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The Good
3 in 1 design
machine washable
padded shoulder straps
The Bad
not enough support for body

The Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier has 3 carrying positions. This allows your baby to grow with the baby carrier.

You can have your baby facing inwards, outwards, and carrying it on your back.

It also includes a breathable mesh allowing you to regulate airflow. The adjustable lumbar supports and distributes pressure from your shoulders.

Thick Shoulder Straps

With thick shoulder straps the Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier is able to distribute weight on your shoulders evenly.

You will be able to carry your baby for a longer period of time without strain.

It is suitable for newborn babies from 8 lb to 32 lb. This allows you to use the baby carrier until your baby grows old enough.

Air Vented Mesh

During the hot season, you can unzip the front to expose a mesh that will allow airflow. This can keep your baby cool during the day.

When the temperature drops, you can zip it back up to keep your baby warm.

Wonder Cover Bib

The extra bib is able to protect the carrier and your clothes. It also creates a fun element of style.

This wonder cover bib is detachable and easy cleaned. Allowing you to clean the bib individually without having to wash the whole product.

Remove Sleeping Baby

If your baby falls asleep while in the baby carrier, you can detach the sides to get the baby out with ease.

All this without waking your baby up.

The adjustable chest strap is able to keep your baby secure to your chest. Having the baby close to your chest increases their security and comfort.

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The Good
5 in 1 design
lightweight carrier
ergonomically designed
The Bad
Uncomfortable fit for larger babies

The Brighter Elements Baby Carrier with Hip Seat is a 5 in 1 baby carrier. It has so many functions it will keep you surprised.

With options for your baby to face outwards and watch the world at your perspective or face inwards to increase the bond. There is also a detachable hip seat for short adventures. This is incredibly usefull if you do not want to wear the full gear.

Baby of All Sizes

The baby carrier is suitable for all sizes. From 6 months old to toddlers. Although not recommended for newborn, from 6 months you will enjoy a safe and secure baby carrier.

Recommended weight of the baby is 13 lb to 33 lb. Any smaller you might risk the baby falling out of the carrier.

Ergonomic Design

With its innovative ergonomic design, it takes the weight of your baby and distributes it to your body. This allows your shoulders and back to feel relaxed all the time.

The baby seat spreads their legs into an M shape allowing proper posture and does not stress their spine.

This allows them to swing their legs to develop muscles at a young age.

The product is lightweight only weighing 1.4lb making it versatile but comfortable for both the baby and yourself.

Included in the package are baby drool towels and a coolin mesh for air flow.

Machine Washable

It is inevitable the baby carrier will be full of drool and spit. You can just toss it into the washing machine and dry on low heat.

Making it easy for you to clean and dry the baby carrier so you can use it anytime.

High Flexibility

With 5 carrying options in one product, it is very flexible. You can choose any position depending on your mood and situation.

For example, you may want to have the baby facing outwards while going for an adventure walk. Or having the baby facing inside in a pouch allowing them to sleep tight.

Long Lasting High-Quality Material

The baby carrier also provides a lot of soft padding on your waist to make sure it is tight and secure.

All materials used in this product is of high-quality textile. It will last long enough until your baby outgrows the carrier.

You wouldn’t want to buy many baby carriers due to their poor manufacturing process. With this baby carrier, you can be certain it will last for a long time.

Adjustable Straps

Everybody will be able to enjoy this baby carrier. You can be an at home mom or outdoor dad. With the adjustable straps and plus-size friendly extensions, you will be able to enjoy the bonding with your baby.

It gives that peace of mind to know your baby relaxes at all times.
Your baby does not outgrow the carrier but grows into it. Its like its second home.

How to choose the Best Baby Carrier?

Choosing a suitable baby carrier may be daunting at first. With many different kinds of baby carriers to choose from the current market.

It is important to know what you are looking for. The features offered by each type of baby carrier can be suitable for certain lifestyles and baby’s needs.

The comfort and durability of using a baby carrier mean that you are able to carry their babies for a longer period of time whilst your hands are left free.

Different Types of Baby Carriers

There are five main types of baby carriers that are commonly used.


This is the simplest of all carriers and is high in popularity due to its versatility.

It comprises of a piece of fabric usually worn around the body and can be adjusted very easily.

Wraps can be used to carry an infant, toddler, and child in a variety of positions including front, hip, and back. It is also adjustable to meet the needs of the individual wearer.

Buckle Carriers

Soft structured baby carriers bear a resemblance to a backpack, where the baby is carried against the comfort of the wearer’s back.

The straps are usually adjustable, and these carriers often have additional features such as sleep hoods, front pockets, and adjustable seats.

This type of carrier is also long lasting, as it can be used until the age of toddlerhood.

Initially, it may be tricky when learning to place the baby on the back, but all in all, this is a great way to carry children during long distances.

Ring Slings

The ring sling is a modernized version of the traditional one shoulder carrier. It enables the wearer to carry the baby against their chest.

This works as a pair of rings is secured to the end of a two-meter-long piece of fabric, whereby the tail end of the sling is threaded through the rings to adjust to the wearers’ body.

The benefit of using this method is that ring slings are available in a variety of beautiful fabrics. The ring sling is best used for quick carries of newborns and toddlers.

Mei Tai

The Mei Tai is a modernized form of the traditional Chinese style carrier.

It is ideally used for older toddlers or babies.

The straps are padded or very wide, providing extra comfort for the wearer.

Many are also reversible, which is fun for the wearer if they want diversity in print or color. Learning how to put it on is also very simple.

Pouch Slings

Pouch slings are typically worn because they offer a customized fit, where they are available in sizes small, medium or large.

They are also convenient as they are easily stashed, and inexpensive.

However, they are non-adjustable, which means that the wearer must be sure of the size of the sling that they are after before purchasing it.

Baby Carrier Features to keep an eye out for

In order to find the best baby carrier, consider the following features.

Ease of Use

Pick a carrier that is easy to use.

Consider factors such as the weather, and whether the carrier is nursing friendly, especially for mothers who want to breastfeed whilst the baby is in the carrier.

When picking a baby carrier, choose one that can be easily put on and taken off using one hand without help.


Consider comfort of both the wearer and the baby.

This is probably one of the most important factors to consider, as, without comfort, both the wearer and baby will struggle.

Age of the Baby

How young is the baby that will be carried?

Is the baby heavy or light?

Parents usually prefer using a sling or a wrap for younger babies, and a structured carrier for an older baby or toddler.

Furthermore, for parents with a heavy baby, it is better to opt for a carrier that will not strain the back.

In this case, choose a back carrier instead of a front carrier, as this allows the baby to be carried on the hip or back.

Strap construction

Also, keep in mind that the way the straps and ties are adjusted can play a big impact on comfort.

As it determines how weight is spread across the back.

Some carriers may be easier to adjust as they have more adjustable straps in comparison to others.

Ones with wide straps and robust fabric can save the upper body from straining too much.


You are probably going to use a baby carrier for around 3 years.

Consider the budget.

Most good quality, user-friendly carriers cost between $30 and $180. Whilst wraps and slings can range from $20 to $200.

These prices may vary according to the different features that are included.

Benefits of Baby Carriers

Close connections

Using a baby carrier allows parents to always keep their baby close to them. It is so important for babies to feel safe, especially when they are newborns.

Furthermore, it is important for a mother to have access to her baby whenever is necessary.

With baby carriers, parents are able to stay in tune with their baby and help the baby connect with the world from a safe space.

Working is still an option

As a parent that prioritizes their baby, but also does not want to neglect their job.

The baby carrier provides the option of doing both at the same time. Whilst going on with daily tasks such as doing the groceries, washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

With a baby carrier, it means that the baby is close to the parent at all times.

Additionally, some workplaces even allow parents to wear their babies at work!

Baby Development

When babies are upright, they learn how to hold their heads up and keep balanced.

As holding them upright enables them to practice movements that enhance muscular strength.

So, choose the baby carrier that is most suitable and enjoy bonding with your newborn!



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