A baby walker is an essential stage of life where your baby strengthens their leg muscles and learn how to walk.

It is important to know what to look out for when choosing the best baby walker for your little one.

It may be a lot to take in, but in the end don’t we all want to give our little one the safest environment to grow up in?


100% Safe for baby use

Used by thousands of parents

Best value for its function

They are all an excellent option that your baby will love!

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Collapsible frame
Light-up musical piano
Adjustable Height
Large size while unfolded
3 AA Batteries required

Rainforest Jumperoo is a new addition to Fisher Price’s line of products and is smartly designed with both its own proprietary.

Additional features that do not only add aesthetic appeal but discreetly secures your child from possible injuries and unforeseen circumstances.

Fisher Price Jumperoo is designed for babies who can hold their head up on their own but can’t climb out or walk yet.

It is the perfect place for them to sit, relax and enjoy.

The toys hanging from its leaves designed overhead canopy from both sides which allow them to reach it effortlessly.

Improved safety

The baby walker also comes with an improved comfort and security features.

The soft leaves canopy are made up of soft materials while the dangling toys are 100% soft and fluffy to ensure an all-out fun filled bat at play.

The cotton seat is innovatively profiled with a rotating feature for a twirling effect that helps develop your baby’s motor skills plus its springs were covered in colorful soft materials to make sure that your baby’s little fingers don’t get trapped in between springs.

It also comes with a 3 different height seat adjustment for optimum comfort and suitability.

Rainforest Jumperoo’s doesn’t only let babies play but encourages healthy development.

Children will surely love the texture integrated toys that stimulate their tactile ability such as squirrel roller ball, bobbing elephant and woodland friends’ spinners.


Its colorful stack of chips with eye catching graphics and spinning lizards.

Great way to keep your baby occupied.

A hide and seek playing tiger and light-up musical piano sharpens babies visual and auditory senses while the hanging fluffy toys enrich their eye and hand coordination.

Fisher Price Jumperoo provides a fun-filled discovering and learning process that your baby will surely love.

Collapsible design

Unlike other products, Rainforest Jumperoo comes in a collapsible design so you can take it down immediately.

When not in use and you can simply fold and carry it everywhere. However, it is a bit big in size compared to other walkers in the market.

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Lightweight and portable
Collapsible design
3 different height adjustments
Hard to move on rug
Rear wheels fixed

The Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker is filled with some interesting features.

No more boring baby!

Multiple height adjustment

It includes mounted toys which provides many development activities.

12 different songs to keep your baby engaged.

And three different height change capabilities, and provides an extra wide base to keep your child upright.

Portable weight and size

The walker has also a tray suited for your child snack time. Apart from this, if your baby gets messy, the seat pad is capable of being detached and facilitates easier washing and also it is machine-washable.

In terms of storage, the walker can be easily folded and stored easily. This also means that you can always take it with you, while going on trips and outings.

Also the weight is hardly 8.7 pounds which is pretty light for a walker.

Now some of the cons of the walker is that it is not suited for outdoor conditions such as surfaces other than hardboard floors, tiles etc.

It is difficult for the baby to move around on carpets and rugs.

Another major concern is the build quality of the walker which felt lacking. Also in terms of mobility, the rear wheels are fixed, which hinders the mobility. It does not feature multi-directional wheel setup as seen on other models. The attached toys have been found to break easily while kids play with them.

This results in broken parts which the child can tend to put in their mouths which can prove to be dangerous.

Overall the pros outweigh the cons and it can be considered a worthy purchase for your kids with its toys and music player. It is certainly worth the price.

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Lightweight and portable
Collapsible design
3 different height adjustments
Hard to move on rug
Rear wheels fixed

This Disney themed unit features lots of iconic characters in its play station to entertain your kid. It also features Four Minnie Mouse friend and toys and has three changeable heights for the chair.

The padded chair is machine washable (friendly).

Another notable feature of this walker is that it weighs only 12lb and measures 29.2 inches by 25.4 inches by 5.2 inches in dimensions.

Entertaining play station

Furthermore, the product features a large, vast play station or tray which swings open to show the second tray beneath it; both stations are detachable.

With that said, there is one thing that you should note about this product, although it is suitable for use by both boys and girls, it’s mainly targeted towards girls. With the beautiful pink color and the toys, it’s what your little girl would like to see on her walker.

High quality build

How you should judge the quality of a walker should be based on the wheels, and this unit will leave you with no complaints. Its wheels are sturdy and strong and can move on all surfaces such as carpet, tiles, and wooden floor.

It features strip grips which restrict your child moment when on an uneven or rough surface. This feature can ensure that your toddler will have a safe and secure experience when learning how to walk.

Highly entertaining

Another great feature of this unit is the entertainment it offers to your child. This short review of the Disney Minnie Music and Light Walker will not be enough to stress the importance of amusement on your baby’s walker.

The product’s small activities and games will help your child’s thinking as well as motor skills. Like we said, the product has heavily invested on the play station and toys to entertain your kid.

The walker works well on various surfaces, it features adjustable height alternatives, its seat is machine washable, and is easy to store. Sadly, it is only suitable for tall kids of over 6 months.

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Carpet friendly
Lots of entertainment
2 in 1 design
Flat to the floor
May lack safety features

When your infant starts becoming more independent by sitting up on his own and crawling in every place may present you with a challenge on how to keep him in one location.

It can happen that you may want to get up and attend to other tasks while keeping him entertained. You’ll find that it will be hard to keep an eye on him while doing your other jobs. It is why you need Kolcraft tiny steps 2-in-1 activity walker.

With its exception, traditional jumpers and baby walkers are known to do more harm than good. For example, a jumper encourages an infant to push it off with his toes rather than use his entire foot. This won’t allow him to develop strong muscles needed for Independent walking. It is why Kolcraft tiny steps 2 in 1 stationary walker comes into play.

You may have a thick carpet throughout your house thus a standard walker may fail to achieve your expectation.

You’ll get the best of both with a combination of a Walk Behind Walker and an activity walker.

You should note that for a premature baby it is recommended he use Walk behind Walker. This would assist him in the delay of his walking as it would allow him to walk while being supported and held onto something.


This baby walker differs from other walkers for it can convert to a Walk behind Walker. Your child can love it because it would give him direct access to toys in Walk behind position.

The walker mode is ideal for six months and above babies for they’ll be ready to start walking.


Its activity area has a battery operated center which can light up while playing various sounds and music. There are also lots of toys to be played with on this unit.

Kolcroft tiny steps 2-in-1 can be entertaining to your toddler, easy to clean as well as convenient to you. For that, I recommend you buy it.

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3 Adjustable height positions
Steering wheel function
Easy to clean
Can be unsafe for tall babies

The Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker is a great kit for your child to learn how to walk.

Three position height adjustments

Children may be of similar age but of different body sizes. Some are tall while others are short. This walker has been designed with consideration for their various heights.

If you notice your child cannot be able to use the lowest position, you can change it to the next position. Additionally, as all infants have to outgrow the First Position Height Adjustment, the Walker provides for two more adjustments.

Entertainment area

This walker has a toy entertainment system in that there are three fun toys and two links that connect to additional toys. These are sensory toys to entertain the child. Furthermore, the electronic toy network consists of lights, sounds, and melodies that would assist in engaging your child’s mind for hours.

Steering wheel

To start walking, your baby will need to steer her new walker. Apart from movement initiation, the steering wheel will motivate her to use the walker.

When the wheels start spinning, they will make electronic sounds that will mount interest in her.

Your baby will always be interested in driving her new walker.

If you have a small budget and want to help your child to walk then consider Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker because the walker is beautiful, attractive and comes at a fair price.

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Huge range of entertainment
Removable play panel
2 in 1 convertible walker
Grip of wheels too tight
interlocking gears are not user-friendly

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a top product from VTech that applies adaptive technology to help your baby develop from crawling to walking.

The learning walker machine features a barnyard of playful friends that allow your children learn to walk effectively while offering an endless fun by cheering them.

Besides, the product has other several features that include spinning gears, five pianos, a telephone and much more that help in stimulating your little one’s learning. Here is an in-depth review of this product.

Interactive baby walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is an interactive learning baby walker that is designed with several unique features.

These include a removable toddler play panel, five piano keys, a telephone handset, two colorful spinning rollers and much more. The removable toddler play panel is designed to enhance an excellent development of your baby’s motor skills.

Entertainment centre

Besides, the walker features a learning center with five piano keys that encourage your kid’s creativity by playing music.

The two spinning rollers, three light-up buttons and shape sorters help in stimulating the development of your children. Moreover, the product comes with a telephone handset imitation as well as other mechanical elements that allow role-playing fun.

Finally, the walker features more than 70 songs, sound effects, music and fun phrases that are ideal for both babies and toddlers within nine months to 3 years of age.

VTech is no doubt one of the most advanced baby learning walkers available in the market. However, just like any other product, some negative aspects might make the user a bit uncomfortable.

Consequently, many users have complained about the grip of its tires, as there have been cases where the walker has slipped away while the baby is attempting to stand. This might cause some minor injuries if your kid falls.

The product’s interlocking gears are not user-friendly as it might be difficult for babies to play with them. This affects the efficiency of the learning walker machine. Besides, the small phone attached to the product is not well fixed and therefore it is very easy for it to get lost.

In conclusion, VTech Sit-to Stand Learning Walker is a unique and interactive machine that can greatly enhance the development of your kids. However, with a few improvements especially on the tires’ traction, this can be great and ideal for the development of your baby.

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Well padded seat
Large seat for your child to grow into
3 adjustable heights
Heights may not suit average baby

Learning to walk is never easy for the young ones. For this reason, you need to go for the best baby walker. The right baby walker keeps your child entertained when developing his/her walking skills. This allows you to concentrate on other important activities.

Considering that there are bazillion models on the market, probably, you may be asking yourself about the “right baby walker” I am referring to.

Well, definitely, it is Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker.

So, what does this baby walker have that is so special for your baby? Well, just relax and read on as we start to dig in.

Wondering about what can make your baby feel at the top of the world? Wondering what can help him/her learn the walking skills? Do you need some ample time to concentrate on other important home activities but can’t find because of the baby’s stubbornness?

Well, if your answer is yes to any of the above questions, this must be your lucky day!

This amazing baby walker works perfectly for the babies who have started to learn new walking skills. It is well decorated to induce automatic attraction for the baby.

But wait, it not only helps your child learn but also keeps him/her entertained; the five dinosaur toys produce lovely lights and sounds that keep your baby cheered up. To know how incomparable this product is, let’s look at the features.

It has a well-padded seat

We all know that babies have very soft tissues. Considering that they grow fast, they need to sit comfortably in the baby walker. This will prevent health issues that are associated with a poor sitting posture.

Has a roomy seat

At the infant stage, growth is faster than at any other stage of development. Having this in mind, the manufacturer built the seat in a way that will provide your baby with enough room for growth as he/she enjoys the great moment in the baby walker.

It comes with the baby’s amazing friends. Wondering what kind of friends I am referring to? It’s simple; the 5 dinosaur toys provide the baby with the perfect company keeping him/her entertained all day by the amazing lights and weird sounds they produce.

Adjustable seat

The adjustable seat means that your baby can enjoy great entertainment at the favorite height. The seat allows for 3 height adjustments.

It has grip strips. This guarantees you baby with safety as he/she enjoys the great moment in the walker. They prevent the baby walker from sliding hence limiting it from moving on uneven surfaces that may damage the wheels.

Has a foldable frame. This makes storage easier and space-efficient; you can store it almost anywhere. It also makes transportation easier.


We all want the best for our babies. Therefore, we should consider getting them this amazing baby walker. Coming with amazing features, it has proved to offer great satisfaction to all who have given it a try. Today comes your turn. Having worked out for most people, it won’t be different in your case.

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Extra large tray
Folds up to save storage
Tray is dishwasher safe
Wheels a bit stiff to turn

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a game changer for mothers because using this walker, your child can easily eat, play and learn how to walk.

Background of the Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker is a baby’s best friend. This walker is manufactured by US company Joovy and has proven to be highly functional, durable and innovative for kids. If you are a parent searching for mobility and comfort as your child is learning how to walk, the Joovy Spoon Walker is a sturdy and stable walker for your child’s first step.

What are the benefits of using this walker?

When it comes to meal time, the Joovy Spoon Walker’s extra-large tray easily transforms into a table top as it comes with a removable insert and is completely dishwasher safe. Besides being safe for your child to use, the Joovy Spoon Walker also makes your life much easier because you can fold it easily, making it convenient for you to travel with. It folds up easily to save space.

What are the cons of the Joovy Spoon Walker?

While the Joovy Spoon Walker has its perks, the replacement of the seat cover after removal can take some time to get used to. The wheels of this baby walker tend to be a little bit stiff which can make it difficult for your toddler to turn the wheels of this walker at first.

Should you buy this walker?

Overall, the quality and sturdiness of the Joovy Spoon Walker make it a favorite among parents. This is an excellent purchase for parents out there who want to keep their baby safe while they learn how to play, eat and walk.

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EN and ASTM safety standards
Multi use tray
Adjustable seat hight
Slightly difficult to install

As a parent, you want to make sure that your child gets everything they need for their development.

Both physically and mentally.

The Stork Craft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker is one of them. It helps your child move around and familiarizes themselves with their environment while keeping them entertained with its interactive dashboard.

The Mini-Speedster provides your child with both comfort and entertainment. The seating pad can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally ensuring that your baby can comfortably move around and reach the dashboard.

Its dashboard is fully interactive. It lights up and makes car sounds keeping your baby engaged and entertained. Stork Craft’s Mini-Speedster weighs 14 pounds and ideal for children weighing less than 26 pounds.

Product Features

It has a movable steering wheel and gear shifter giving your baby the full driving experience

Engaging Dashboard that lights up and makes real car sounds

Adjustable seat up to three heights to match your baby’s growth Removable and washable seat pad ensuring maximum hygiene

Removable dashboard. The baby can continue to play with it even when the leave the walker

once the dashboard is removed creating room to store food or other toys

Frame easily folds flat making it easy to store

Stork Craft’s Mini-Speedster adheres to EN and ASTM safety standards

Pros of the Stork Craft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker

Has a strong sturdy frame that can with stand all of an active child’s movements.

The interactive dash board keeps your baby engaged making it possible for you focus on something else.

The walker folds flat and is very compact making it convenient for storage and transportation.

The multi-use tray makes it an alternative feeding area for those days when your baby just won’t sit still!

Affordably priced and gives real value for money.

If you are looking to get your baby moving then this walker is a good choice for you. The Stork Craft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker offers great value at affordable prices.

If you ask me the price is a great incentive since it is only a matter of time before your child outgrows it anyway.

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Large size snack tray
Fully padded for comfort
Foldable design
May be too gender specific

The Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker is the best baby walker currently on the market. There are several amazing features of the product. They include:

Removable Vibrating Activity Centre

The Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker has a removable vibrating activity center which is located at the position your baby would sit. The activity center is designed to amuse your baby. It is equipped with a steering wheel which makes sounds while turning, a yellow honk bearing the Ferrari logo and a gear shifter. The activity center comprises of buttons that encourage interaction from your baby, the buttons play music and also mimic car sounds.

Full-Size Snack Tray

The Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker comes with a full-size snack tray located under the activity center. This snack tray provides food for your child. The snack tray encourages your baby to want to use the Baby Walker.

Fully Padded

The Baby Walker is fully padded which makes it crash resistant. The padding ensures that your child is not at risk of injury as a result of using the baby walker.

Comfortable Seat

The Baby Walker comes with a comfortable seat which makes your child comfortable when using the product. The comfortable seat ensures that your child does not suffer from cramps as a result of using the baby walker for a long period of time.

Strong and Stable

The Baby Walker is strong and stable. It is ideal for your toddler to exercise legs and strengthen the body while learning to walk. The Baby Walker also improves your toddler’s ability to reason and combine same with locomotive skills. The product is durably built and easy to move around.


One of the amazing features of this Baby Walker is that it is foldable, this ensures that it does not take up space in your home when it is not in use.

What is the best age to use Baby Walkers

Dr. Sumitha Nayak an expert Paediatrician explains in the following video when is the best age to introduce baby walkers to your child.

So what is the optimum age? You might want to have your baby on it as quick as possible. But experts have noticed negative effects when putting your baby in a walker too early.

Also placing a baby too early in a walker without first developing their balance can be very hazardous. The right age would be when your baby is already standing up and holding furniture to walk.

A walker should be used to strengthen their leg muscles instead of learning how to walk.

Different types of baby walkers

Seated Walker

This is usually more of a playing spot for the baby. They are very colorful and require a bit more space than others. They are perfect for smaller babies who are not too mobile, a great source of distraction and entertainment while you do other things.

Walking frame

These are more common for mobile babies who are about 6 months old. They are good exercising machines that are safe for the babies as they explore the house or outside on the front lawn.


These are for bigger children who are extra mobile all around the house. They are for babies who can already walk or have good balance.

Mostly for children not limited to certain play spots and require more attention at the age of one and a half and above.

Other than buying the best baby walker, it is important to know that you should never leave babies unattended at any one time. They are very curious and need constant watching even when in the baby walker.

You should also not leave the baby in the baby walker for too long. They need to be out and about every once in a while so that they can do the walking for themselves, it is also healthier to get them out of there.

Benefits of using baby walkers

Not only does it keep your baby in a secure seat, it also has a few benefits when it comes to developing those essential skills.

Encouraging baby to walk

The best baby walker encourages the baby to be on his or her feet. The baby will enjoy walking like all the other members of the house and will even feel like a part of the family in his own little way.

It also teaches the baby to use their legs to gain stability and to push him/her forward in the baby walker. The adjustment to walking is quicker and easier.


Baby walkers come in all sorts of colors and they are very entertaining to the baby. Similar to baby swings they also have hanging toys and moveable parts to enhance hand eye coordination.

The baby walker becomes a good source of distraction for him/her even when there isn’t much to do around. It is a fun method of learning that is both safe and beneficial.

Makes babysitting easy

Babysitting can become difficult if your baby is mobile and without a baby walker. They fall a lot, they wander into places they shouldn’t be in and it is very hectic, considering that it may only be the beginning.

A lot of accidents happen when babies are unattended. One of the ways to baby proof your home is to include the baby walker as an essential.

Having a baby walker is great because there are fewer risks that the baby will fall or go under the bedsit there and you have to spend hours looking for her/him.

It is easier to watch the baby and it gives the baby space as well to play all over without getting hurt.

Strengthen lower legs

It also helps the lower limbs of the baby to develop. With good exercise in the baby walker and a proper diet, you will be proud of being the one to take care of the baby because his/her development will be smooth.

Your baby will grow into a fine healthy child just by having the simple baby walker that helped in their development.

Safety better

Safety cannot be emphasized enough. Having a baby walker for your baby is safer than having to watch him/her fall of the sit endless times.

You want the best for these babies and getting a baby walker for them will be one of the best investments you will have made in their lives.

Factors to consider when purchasing

Safety first

This is what you should look at first. There is no other way to begin. Take a keen interest in whether the company that manufactured the baby walker emphasizes their interest in the safety of the baby.

Anything less should be out of the picture no matter how dashing it may seem.

Look at the features on the packaging or container that it comes in. this should be the first place to check out before you start to consider whether or not you will buy it.

Break padding

This is a great way to give the baby walker balance. Babies, especially those who do not have balance are at risk of toppling over and may get badly hurt with the weight of the baby walker falling on them.

If your baby is still a bit shaky without much balance, consider checking out baby walkers with break padding at the base to avoid any accidents.

Adjustable height

This is another major feature you ought to look for.

Babies grow very fast and if the baby walker does not adjust along with the growth of the baby, you may need to take out some more money to buy another suitable one.

Baby walkers that are too short for the growing baby are a potential cause of lack of balance which may lead to accidents. They also feel very uncomfortable for the baby.

Removable parts for cleaning

This will be a plus for you. Removable washable parts are great if you are to use the baby walker for a few months. This is very similar if you have a baby swing at home, you would want to remove the padding for a wash.

It gives you peace knowing that even though she or he is biting on all the colorful toys, the baby will not get sick because of it.

Some companies even provide chewable toys that the baby gets entertained with as he or she learns to walk. Development of the baby’s limbs and teeth goes well with such a baby walker.

Easy to clean fabric

This goes to your time management. Having an easy to clean baby walker, especially for the fabric on the seat, is wonderful.

You are able to clean all the messes that the baby makes without much hustle because let’s face it, there are going to be a lot more messes to come.

Find a baby walker that will not make your time as a parent or guardian so difficult.

Adjustable to bigger baby

This includes the space around the baby for his legs and his bottom to fit in. You deserve to have a baby walker that should not be too small for the developing baby even after he or she has gained some weight which is healthy.

A company that will provide such a seat or adjustable seat is going to be the best for you.

Safety Straps

As we said before, and as part of your own knowledge, babies do not have much balance.
They grow super fast
and it is your job to make sure that they are safe.
Straps bring balance to the baby as they move here and there all over the house and it will be interesting for you even as a parent to watch your little baby enjoy their fun safe moments of first steps.

It should be firm

A good baby walker should be of a good quality material that does not shake or wobble too much. You should acquire a baby walker that is steady enough to support the baby all through the day.


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