Best Knife SharpenerWhen it comes to knife skills, a lot of it comes down to the sharpness of your knife. A sharp knife can prevent a lot accidents. Lets dive in and look at best knife sharpener on the market.

We have chosen to review 3 different types of knife sharpeners.

From Sharpening stones to Manual knife sharpeners and electric knife sharpeners. Find the most suitable product for your kitchen.

The 10 Best Knife Sharpeners

How to find the best Knife Sharpener?

A knife is only as good as the edge that it is capable of wielding. It is important to ensure the edge of the knife stays sharp with a suitable knife sharpener. A must have for your home and kitchen.

The knife sharpener is an innovative device designed to grind out dull parts of the knife. Thus lending it its original sharpness and cutting efficacy.

Other than the conventional kitchen knives, the knife sharpener utilizes a wide variety of knives. Such as:

  • Defensive Knives
  • Combat knives
  • Utility knives
  • Gardening tools

Moreover, a knife sharpener is a great way of preserving the functional longevity of your knives, negating the need to invest in a brand new knife.

The modern knife sharpener comes in many variations guided by its level of intricacy, the intent of use, features, and cost. The ideal knife sharpener is of course dictated by your needs and sharpening patterns.

Knife sharpeners have two basic types:

  1. The electric version
  2. The manual version

The most basic way of sharpening a knife is with a manual stone knife sharpener. It may be angular or round in shape and made of different materials. Most common ones are Arkansas stone, Japanese water stones, ceramic wet stones and diamond stones.

Knife sharpening stone

 Knife Sharpening StoneIt is quite difficult to sharpen a knife with a stone. It requires some kind of skill.

The edges of the blade should be symmetrical. The right way to do it is to rest one edge of the knife against the surface of the stone. Then make a circular movement with varying degrees of pressure, while carefully checking the blade.

Another style for sharpening knife would be the ceramic sharpeners. It requires slightly less maintenance. There is an option of a white ceramic for smoothing the blade or blue ceramic for regular sharpening.

Most sharpening stones incorporate two sides. One in a rougher coarseness for pre-honing, and the other for sharpening the cutting edge. Some stones only have one coarseness. So it is important to check out the features before purchasing.

There is a wide range of surfaces utilized for these sharpeners, including stone, artistic, precious stone, and steel.

  • Fired stones are suitable for providing a sharp edge. But, might be delicate, and can break if dropped on a hard surface.
  • Precious stone sharpeners give a sharp edge and don’t wear out rapidly.
  • Carbide sharpeners focuses on a blade that is not too damaged
  • A steel sharpener will rapidly reshape, yet not resharpen, regularly utilized blades.
  • Common stone is normally the least costly decision. But, multiple uses can wear out the focal point of the stone.

Electric knife sharpener

Electric knife sharpeners are quick and easy to use. It comes with multi stages, offering polishing and rough grade grits to perform very effectively every time. It is the easy and automatic way to sharpen your knife.

Probably one of the safest ways to sharpen a knife. Manual knife sharpeners require some skill to use. Electric knife sharpeners reduce this risk as it is designed to safely hold your knife.

Everything is automated.

It also consists of a lot of functions in one product. The best knife sharpeners provide polishing, resurfacing, and sharpening. Depending on what function you need, the price range varies.

It also takes little time to do the work. A few seconds in the machine and it will give your blade a quick touch up. If your knife is extensively damaged, it may take a few minutes.

More time saved equals more time cooking your favourite dish!

Handheld knife sharpener

Handheld Knife SharpenerHand-held model sharpeners can be more intuitive to use. It comes with a preset angle for the blade. There are a lot of knife sharpeners that are available in the market.

One of the popular models is the Chantry Classic Knife Sharpener. It’s designed to give you a great way to sharpen all your knives effectively and accurately. It has a two spring loaded butcher steel for fast and easy sharpening. The Chantry Classic Knife Sharpener is durable. It is perfect for all your knives in the kitchen.

Grinders are easier to sharpen extremely dull knives. But, with the new invention of electric sharpeners, grinders have become the second choice in the industry of knife sharpening.

Sharpening Grinders not only used for sharpening knives but also heavy duty purposes. This is to sharpen all types of knives including woodcutters.

For example, the Wenger Mini-Sharp Knife Sharpener works with diamonds at the tip. It is easy to carry and can sharpen any kind of cutting tool. It is easy to use.

Single file sharpener

This type of knife sharpener uses to sharp edges and scrapes off the damaged part of the knife in one stroke. However, we have found that this does not provide the optimum result.

Left and Right Sharpener

The left and right sharpener sharpen one side at a time. Giving more attention to the blade. It is also more forgiving when grinding off materials. This gives it a sharper edge compared to other types.

If you choose to have a sharpening steel instead, Gordon Ramsay has a video on a quick on how to efficiently sharpen your knife.

What to look out for?

A primary factor to consider when investing in the best knife sharpener is its compatibility with the specific types of knives that you own.

Do you own a kitchen knife? or an outdoor hunting knife?

These are the questions you might want to ask yourself. Since a lot of knife sharpeners have specific functions, it is a great factor influencing your purchase intent.

Type of knife

For instance, if you own serrated knives, choose the best knife sharpener designed to work on that particular nature of edge. However, if your cache of knives includes both serrated and straight-edged versions, buy an electric knife sharpener that retains the capacity to handle both.

Frequency of use

Another important factor to think about is the regularity of knife use. For example, a knife used frequently will need more maintenance. Thus, calling the need for a convenient knife sharpener like the electric one. Yet another important factor to keep in mind is the type of knife sharpener that appeals to your predilection

Knife sharpener functions

Most knife sharpeners can deal with either plain or serrated cutting edges. Some additionally have an additional opening to hone scissors. If you have extensive blade deterioration, it is best to get a sharpener capable of repairing damaged edges.

Other knife sharpener functions you may also find would be polishing and buffing. If you own an expensive knife it would be smart to choose a sharpener that has the most functions.

Most blade sharpeners ought to have the capacity to last you no less than a couple of years. This depends on how regular you use your knife.

All sharpeners work by pounding the cutting edge against a hard, harsh surface. The coarseness of the knife sharpener defines its harshness to the blade.

For starters, choose a manual knife sharpener. It is able to attend to your daily needs. Once you begin to own more expensive knives, you might want to use electric knife sharpeners. It is much more convenient to use an electric knife sharpener.

Best Value Sharpening Stone

 1  Smith’s TRI-HONE Sharpening Stone

  • 3 stones in one product
  • Mounted on Rotating model
  • Sharpening Angle Guide
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Smith’s TRI-HONE Sharpening Stone features three different grits.

  • Coarse Synthetic (400 grit)
  • Medium Synthetic (600 grit)
  • Natural Fine Arkansas Stone (Approx. 1000-1200 Grit)

This stone is mounted on a modeled plastic triangle case. Because of that, you can easily rotate the stone with the handles on the side.


It weighs approximately 1.6 pounds and measures 9.9 x 3.5 x 10 inches.

Three different types of stones are perfect for sharpening different kinds of tools. But it is important to know what kind of stone is proper for your purpose.

Coarse – very destructive and removes a lot of metal when used. It is perfect for creating a new sharp edge over a very dull blade. Use carefully as it is possible to chip away more than what you need.

Medium – not as destructive as the Coarse one and removes a moderate amount of metal. It is mainly used as a follow-up stone after Coarse for creating the new blade. It will give you the most perfect and consistent blade. Dull blades are suitable for this coarseness.

Fine – the least destructive and removes the fewest amount of metal. Other than sharpening, it can also polish the edge of the blade. Normally used as the final process when creating a blade using the Coarse stone.

Smiths TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System

Sturdy Base

The plastic base has a nonskid rubber feet so that it will not slip during the sharpening process. This provides additional safety since you are handling with blades that can possibly damage you.

It also has a V shaped trough that easily catches the chipped metals.

Unlike others that let the metal particles to fly over, this is a very clean alternative. Within the product is also a sharpening angle guide that will help you find the right angle for grinding.

Overall, this is a good sharpening stone. It ensures good grinding result with additional safety mechanisms. This sharpening stone works cleanly unlike traditional grinders.

It also has a variety of stones that you can choose from. You can also utilize the three types of stones to revive your dead blades.

The course stone is very powerful and can revive rusty blades that are accumulating dust in your basement.

With the support of the medium stone, you can relieve the past sharpness of your blade.

The fine stone can be used as a finish and polisher that will ensure your blade will have a shiny surface.

 2  KING Japanese Sharpening Stone

  • King brand known for quality
  • Sturdy Plastic Base
  • 2 Combination Grit
  • 1000/6000 Grit
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King, a Japanese water stone manufacturer known for stones that have superior quality and good sharpening performance.

One of the most reliable sharpening stones from King is the KING Japanese sharpening stone whetstone combination grit, 1000/6000.

KING Japanese Sharpening Stone Features

This great sharpening combo is 2 sided making it able to serve a purpose of 2.

The 1000 grit side is brown and ideal for sharpening dull knives. While the 6000 grit side is beige and it’s ideal for polishing the edge.

The weight of the knife sharpener is 1 pound only. The dimensions are 8″ x 2.5″ x 1″.

It also comes with a sturdy plastic base that will provide a firm surface for your sharpening. The best stones for normal sharpening vary from 700 to 2000 grit.

King sharpening stones are basically alumina oxide water stones that are abrasive as a synthetic oil stone.

They are affordable and do not get affected by steel. Use of water while sharpening makes the product ideal because water is free and safe on your knife.

What makes this sharpening stone good?

The stone has finer details of grit that are able to wear any metal.

The two in one stone has a plastic base that is easy to switch to either side while still proving a firm and raised base.

This is a quality stone that comes at a handsome price than other similar sharpening stones in the market. The beige colored side of the stone is a good basic starting side while the beige side will be ideal for finishes.

This sharpening stone is popular due to its medium hardness and decent cutting speed.

The sharpening stone is a natural stone from ceramic that will polish your knife in a better manner than most synthetic stones.

Beginner and Professional Friendly

It is ideal for both beginners and professionals. It will work on stainless steel, stain resistant, and even carbon knives.

The King Sharpening Stone requires 5 minutes or less for soaking and it is course enough to remove scratches from a DMT or even the bester 500.

Occasional splashes when sharpening will leave your steel knife with a decent cutting edge.

Avoid soaking the fine grit side with water to avoid cracking. Splashing with water is recommended, but wipe dry after use.

We would recommend most people that are scouting for a kitchen whetstone to look no further than the King Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone combination grit, 1000/6000.

Professionals have been recommending this particular sharpening stone. It is proved to give you great results.

Most Popular Sharpening Stone

 3  Grocery Art Whetstone Sharpening Stone

  • Complete Sharpening Kit
  • Angle Guide Included
  • 1000/6000 Grit
  • Bamboo Base
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Used in the kitchen, workshop or laboratory to sharpen knives and cutting tools. Grocery art’s whetstone knife sharpener is a product that exceeds its presentation.

It has a special sharpening corner (angle support) that allows a comfortable sharpening angle no matter the size of the blade.

The knife sharpener also comes with a non-slip bamboo base with a silicone mount that keeps the stone stable and presentable.

It is a versatile product made from the highest quality and finest corundum.

The 1000 grit side for sharpening blades of any length and thickness. On the other side, the 6000 grit used for a finer and polished sharpen.

It is simple to use this product, one of the simplest operation in the kitchen.

You only need to soak it in water for about six minutes, set it up on its bamboo base set up the knife on the angle guidance and stroke away.

The advantages of grocery art whetstone compared to other sharpening stones this include:

Cleanliness and Hygiene

As compared to oil stones, it is easier to remove the residue after use.

Courtesy of its simple design and the removable base a dip in the water can clean it out completely.

It does not rust as compared to iron based stones. In contrast to an oil stone, it won’t stain countertops or spoil the quality of your polished wood or marble.

Value for money

Comes in standard with a base, an angle support, and a silicone mount. Even more, it is a two sided sharpening stone, which is great value for money.

Similar products in the market come with separate accessories making this bargain.

Easy to use

With a little effort, you can achieve a fine sharpening.

The angle support providing the perfect angle to sharpen. Making it relatively easy to set it up.

Grocery art’s whetstone knife sharpener presents a new benchmark in simplicity. To use it there is little physical or psychological input.

Appeal and elegance

The well-crafted bamboo base makes the Grocery Art whetstone sharpening stone a product of beauty.

Its silicone mount removes the hassle of it moving about when sharpening on it.

The only drawbacks this product can present is being a water stone it wears out quickly. When under-utilized, it will wear out the middle part faster than other parts.

In summation, it is a great tool that will come in handy for your sharpening needs. Professional or domestic this great tool will meet your needs.

 4  BearMoo Whetstone 2-in-1 Sharpening Stone

  • Silicone Base
  • 2 in 1 sharpening stone
  • 3000/8000 Grit Level
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The BearMoo Whetstone is a double sided knife sharpening stone. BearMoo is a company known for producing high-quality knife products.

The sharpening stone has a 3000 grit on the course side. The knife sharpened using this side of the stone can make very sharp edges.

The BearMoo Whetstone also has 8000 grit that gives knives the perfect edge polish and finishing. This type of knife sharpening tool is adequate in ensuring a perfect knife edge.

BearMoo Knife sharpening stone composes of white graded corundum that is professionally made. The knife sharpening stone is resistant to corrosion, heat and the corners and edges of the stone are demarcated.

It weighs 1.6 pounds and measures 1.18″ x 7.1″ x 2.36″ inches.

Features and Functions of BearMoo Knife sharpening stone

The 3000 grit side

By using this fine 3000 grit, the BearMoo knife sharpening stone is perfect for giving knives the desired edge. The edge created by the knife sharpening stone exceeds any edge you would find the market. The grit in the BearMoo knife is sharpened slowly to produce the perfect edge that has more coarse grits.

The 8000 grit side

The grit is reliable in providing the right knife finishing and adequately provides perfectly polished edges. This is efficient as it allows knives sharpened using BearMoo knife sharpening stone to work faster in any task.

It is made of white Corundum that is either brown or white in color.

What makes it a good sharpening knife as compared to others?

The features of the sharpening stone are enough to distinguish the product from the rest.

The manufacturer also offers additional rubber knife sharpener as a BearMoo knife sharpening stone holder. This is adequate in ensuring that the product is unique among the rest products in the market.

You should not only use the middle part of the sharpening stone. Users should make the whole use of the whetstone to prevent concaving.

Customers should not use the BearMoo’s whetstone in sharpening ceramic knives and blades that are serrated.

BearMoo knife sharpening stone will give you adequate returns as the knife sharpening stone is efficient in providing the desired knife results.

Knives sharpened by the double sided 3000 and 8000 grit sharpening stone, work faster as compared to other knives in the market.

Most Popular Manual Knife Sharpener

 5  KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

  • 2 Stage Knife Sharpener
  • Non-slip base
  • Compact for easy storage
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The KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener is a small, two slot sharpener. It is one of the most compact knife sharpeners in the market.

A functional two slot sharpener

The KitchenIQ Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener features two slots. Fine and coarse pockets.

The fine pocket which composed of ceramic rods are for already smooth knives that need a little touch of sharpness.

The coarse slot, composed of carbide blades, is for those rough and blunt edged knives. Using both slots you can effortlessly transform knives with damaged edges into very sharp knives.

V-Grip Bottom suitable for counter edge and flat surfaces

Equipped with a V-styled anti-slide rubber grip, there are minimal chances of accidents arising from sliding while working on those knives.

Sharpening of large chef knives and cleavers using small knife sharpeners creates a tendency of having the tips of the knives grazing kitchen countertops.

However, with this sharpener, all one needs to do is place the sharpener on the counter edge and go ahead to sharpen those knives with the tip facing upwards.

Small and light but very effective

Weighing around 1 pound and measuring 4.3″ x 2.1″ x 5.9″ inches this sharpener is handy.

Due to the small size of the knife sharpener, you can always be sure that it will not miss storage space on your kitchen’s shelves, wardrobes or drawers.

Sharpening angle protection

This sharpener helps create a long lasting angle to your knives blades. Once sharpened at the correct slot angles reusing the machine will not mess up with the original angles.

This helps in retaining the blades width and shine.

Competitive edge

Unlike other knife sharpeners in the market, this sharpener is gentle to knives structures.

You do not have to use force to get that smooth finish. This reduces incidences of curled and bent knives.

The dexterity of this knife is better than that of a good number of electric knife sharpeners. Considering the inexpensive price tag, it makes logic for anyone to choose this knife sharpener over its competitors.

Where the magic stops

On the downside, the KitchenIQ Knife Sharpener is made for casual at home use.

Just like almost all brands of small knife sharpeners, you may want to avoid subjecting your heavy duty, exotic knives to their slots

Serrated knives are not recommended to be used on this product. For the specialist type of knives, there are better commercial and home range of sharpeners available.

If you are tired of getting a raw deal on expensive and less effective knife sharpeners, it is worth trying this particular knife sharpener.

It may be the last knife sharpener you buy in a long time.

If you are looking for your first pair of knife sharpeners, then you definitely have to get yourself this variety of knife sharpeners.

 6  Mooker 3 Stage Professional Knife Sharpener

  • 3 Sharpening Stage
  • For Ceramic and Steel
  • Non Slip Design
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The Mooker 3 Stage Professional Knife Sharpener is one of the best sharpeners on the market due to its precision, wide range of uses, and durability.

The device is able to handle all types of knives, including coarse, fine, and even ceramic.

Its multiple stage process facets each knife to surgical-grade sharpness while remaining safe and durable.

Additionally, the product’s lifetime warranty shows that the manufacturer is sure of the quality.

The Mooker brand is reputable for its quality across many different kitchen appliances.

Multiple Functions

The sharpener has several ways to sharpen knives, each for a different situation.

The coarse tungsten-steel wheel shapes any knife to a sharp edge, no matter how dull it may be. The slot can even work on damaged knives.

Next to the coarse slot is the ceramic wheel which works out any imperfections on already sharp knives, bringing them to a razor-edged blade.

At last is the diamond-steel wheel, made for use on ceramic knives.
The presence of this slot increases the utility of the sharpener because it encompasses multiple blade materials.

Besides the honing wheels, it is the device’s non-slip rubber base. Created to eliminate any instability during use. This makes knife sharpening much safer, combining efficiency with security.

The body of the sharpener itself is made of stainless steel, allowing for sturdiness on the kitchen table.

Compact Size

The size of the sharpener as a whole is compact, able to easily fit on the shelf.

The incredible versatility of the Mooker alone makes it superior to its competitors. The knife sharpener’s ability to handle all blades, whether they be dull or damaged, steel or ceramic, makes it helpful in every situation.

The mere quality of sharpening is the best in the industry. With just a few swipes per side, knives are back to tip-top condition.

After using the Mooker 3 Stage Professional Knife Sharpener, you can actually feel the knife slicing. No more are the days of laboring to cut up food.

Finally, the no-slip base puts the device above the others in terms of safety and convenience. While the sharpener stays put even during intense use. Other brands may slip and slide all over the counter.

In several aspects, the Mooker 3 Stage Professional Knife Sharpener is the superior item in its field.

In total, the utility and quality of sharpening place the sharpener in high esteem. It is more able to sharpen a wide range of knives while maintaining a razor-sharp blade and is the correct choice when searching for a new knife sharpener.

 7  Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

  • 3 Stage sharpener
  • Criss-Cross sharpening technology
  • 100% diamond abrasives
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When it comes to prowess in the kitchen, you are only as good as your tools.

Top of which is your knife set.

For most of those intricate knife skills, a sharp knife is a must.

But, knives become blunt with use, and a means to sharpen them becomes necessary. Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener allows any chef or home cook to keep their knives in top form.

Great Features

Some of the features that make the Diamond Hone knife sharpener a handy tool to have include:

Cross-Cross Sharpening Technology

The knife sharpener contains abrasive disks on each of its sharpening slots. This allows your knife to sharpen as it goes in and out of the knife edge.

The technology also has the added benefit of keeping your cutting edge burr-free. The result is an extremely sharp edge that makes prep work seem almost effortless.

Works on Straight and Serrated Edges

As with most Chef’sChoice knife sharpeners, the sharpener is capable of sharpening both straight edge knives and serrated edges.

This includes straightening and realignment of the serrated tips. It might also be important to note that the sharpener will also work for hunting knives and pocket knives that can fit its sharpening slots.

Soft Touch Handle

Unnecessary movement of your sharpener can easily snap your blade into two.

To keep your sharpener firmly in place while in use, the sharpener includes an easy to grip, soft touch handle.

Diamond Abrasives

Diamonds are the hardest known materials. This makes diamonds to be very effective abrasives.

The Diamond Hone knife sharpener has its sharpening disks coated with 100% diamond abrasives.

These abrasives also make the entire exercise of sharpening faster and without overheating from the friction, which damages a knife’s edge.

Three Stage Sharpening

Equipped with three sharpening configurations, the sharpener can achieve a 15 (Asian style) or 20 (Western or European style) degree knife edge.

At such an angle, your knife edge lasts longer while providing better support for your edge.

Ergonomic Design

With its small, easy to hold size, there are fewer chances of injuries on one’s self. Its design also makes it fit for use by both left and right handed individuals.

The main benefits of using the knife sharpener include:

  • Creates an arch-shaped knife edge that is stronger and remains sharper for longer than straight edge sharpeners
  • Built-in angle guides ensure alignment of your cutting edge and the sharpening disks more precise
  • Sharpens blades in fewer strokes than most devices in this category
  • Can work on a wide range of blades
  • Unlike most manual sharpeners that only work on draw strokes, this sharpener works in both directions reducing sharpening and honing times.

Nonetheless, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind. It does not work well with one-sided bevel Japanese knives as it sharpens both sides. It might require more pressure than draw-motion only sharpeners

Compared to files, water stones and other knife sharpeners in the same category, the Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is a great choice for a reliable sharpening tool.

With normal use, the sharpener is bound to provide years of reliable service without the need for part replacement, making it an essential part of any chef’s arsenal.

Professional’s Electric Knife Sharpener

 8  Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener

  • 15° Edge technology
  • 3 Stage Edge Sharpener
  • 100% Diamond Abrasive
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Chef’s choice trizor model XV Electric Knife Sharpener is a 3-stage EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener. It combines strength & durability of the Triple bevel Trizor edge & 15-degree XV EdgeSelect technology to sharpen serrated and fine edge knives.

Great Features

  • Uses Trizor XV Edge technology for ultimate sharpness & effortless cutting.
  • Uses a combination of strength & durability of triple-bevel 15-degree Trizor edge technology.
  • Has a 3-Stage EdgeSelect system for maximum versatility
  • Converts traditional 20-degree knife edges to 15-degree Trizor XV edge.
  • It is an ideal sharpener for single and double-bevel Asian Knives.
  • It sharpens straight & serrated knife blades.

Chef’s choice trizor model XV Electric Knife Sharpener is one of the best electric sharpeners that can convert traditional 20-degree class knife to top performing 15-degree knives. The sharpener can also sharpen single or double bevel 15-degree class knives.

A 15 degree angled edge gives the user optimum performance that they desire.

It cuts more easily when compared to the traditional 20- degree angled edge.

Note that the less thick an edge is, the less effort is needed to cut & the easier it is to control the knife. Trizor XV EdgeSelect helps to prolong the life quality of knives as it creates a triple bevel arch-shaped edge that can’t dull easily.

The 3-Stage EdgeSelect system includes:

Stage 1

It is Considered as the pre-sharpening stage i.e. it can sharpen damaged, very dull or re-profile another knife.

The diamond coated conical disks in this stage create fine micro-grooves on surfaces found on either side of the edges giving a knife more “bite’.

This stage is sparingly used. For normal kitchen usage, it amounts to once or twice in a year depending on the sort of your knife and how much you use it.

Stage 2

It uses a finer diamond coating that creates the second- bevel for added durability. Stage 2 is used for routine sharpening.

Stage 3

Creates the third micro-bevel. It uses a diamond coating stropping disk system to produce a microscopically smooth and non-serrated edge. It provides the honing your knife needs at the final sharpening stage.

When compared to other knife-sharpeners, Chef’s Choice Trizor model XV Electric Knife Sharpener creates very sharp cutting edges.

It works on both Asian and Western-styled knives and requires little effort to use.

However, it re-profiles all knives from their current angles to 15 degrees. The initial sharpening removes a good amount of metal. The sharpener is difficult to use with smaller knives. Low angles are not suitable for all blades. This may cause their edges to wear quickly.

However, when used for sharpening hard steel blades, it creates a fast, efficient and easy to control knife.

Popular Electric Knife Sharpener

 9  Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

  • 3 Stage Sharpening System
  • Interchangeable blade
  • Perfect angle holding
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The Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener is an efficient three-step knife sharpening system. Designed by Presto, a leader in the field of electric housewares. The Presto 08810 is a great addition to its large history of innovations.

Unlike it’s earlier version-Presto 08800, this comes with 3 sharpening stages.

The three steps are coarse, fine, and very fine.

With interchangeable blade settings, Presto 08810 knife sharpener provides a variety of angles.

From thick, medium, and thin.

Thick mainly used for hunting knives, medium for normal kitchen knives, and thin for light knives such as fillet knives.

The electric knife sharpener is quite sturdy. The metallic silver and black exterior of the product ensures it sits in easily with any kitchen. With three red holders at the bottom, cleaning any metal shavings is also very easy.

You only need to unplug the holders and give the unit a little shake to clean out the waste metal shavings that may have accumulated over a period of time.

Compact Electric Knife Sharpener

Weighing 5.1 lbs, it’s easy to remove and put away. Compared to other electric knife sharpeners, it doesn’t make a lot of noise and is not very time-consuming.

3-5 times per step is enough for most knives. With a ‘very fine’ step, it really gives a sharp edge to the knives.

Unlike the earlier version, this knife sharpener handles large knives even better. The motors are prone to overworking.

Also, the adjustable angle options give the blade a better positioning within the blade than its earlier version. Compared to its contemporaries it’s a great value for money, and it sharpens knives intended for home use extremely well.

However, while it’s efficient, the electric knife sharpener is not very useful when it comes to high-end cutlery. The knife sharpener doesn’t do a very good job when it comes to Japanese style knives.

You may want to use sharpening stones instead.

Despite the thin setting, it doesn’t work very well when it comes to smaller knives. Moreover, while sharpening, the knife wobbles a little, which may harm the knife’s profile.

All in all, the Presto 08810 is an affordable and efficient knife sharpener. Even though it’s not completely well-suited when it comes to high-end knives, it gives more than satisfactory results when it comes to everyday kitchen use.

It’s a sturdy and reliable unit which would be a great addition to any kitchen. One of th best knife sharpeners in the market.

 10  LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

  • Non Slip Base
  • 2 Stage Sharpening
  • Auto Blade Positioning
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LINKYO is a California-based company providing office supplies, health care products and home and kitchen accessories.

They make the life of people easy by their innovative products. Their latest home and kitchen product is the LIKNYO Electric Knife Sharpener.

It provides a simple and unique way to sharpen knives and other kitchen cutting tools without causing any damage to them.

The best part about the product is it comes with 1-year warranty and is useful for various chopping, dicing and cutting knives,

Functions of the product

It involves a two-stage process to sharpen knives and polish them.

The first slot is for reshaping and sharpening knives. The second slot is for polishing and honing knives. It also comes with an automatic stopper.

It will stop automatically if a knife is not properly aligned. This prevents any damage to the knife and sharpener.

There is no need to push knife downward, just pull it back slowly.

Both alloy and steel knives are compatible with this product. The 3.5-foot power cord makes it easy to use this product anywhere near kitchen counters.

A single pass is normally enough but it knife is very dull, then try a few more passes. It also has an automatic blade positioning system which guides every kind of knife into the perfect position.

Anyone can use it with ease without having to worry about the damage to the product or knife.

Why buy it?

LIKNYO has taken of providing safety features compared to other products. It will automatically shut down if the knife is not placed into proper position or too much pressure is being applied.

It is very useful for first-time users. The slots can be removed for cleaning.

It works on all kinds of steel and alloys. The dual slots are perfect for sharpening both sides of the knife.

The bottom has suction cups to prevent it from slipping so there is no need to apply pressure to use this product.

It is suitable for only straight kitchen knives and similar tools. Those who are looking to sharpen scissors or serrated blades may have to look elsewhere. This product is specifically designed for kitchen products only.

While holders are detachable and washable, the product itself is not waterproof. It is not suitable for those who like manual sharpening as the product wears away material over time.

But, this is not a major drawback. It might also make a lot of noise over time but that would depend on the kind of knife used in the sharpener.

This product is definitely useful for amateur chefs who are not into manual sharpening.

It takes very little time to sharpen using LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener. It is perfect for emergency situations like parties and feasts.

If you are looking for an affordable, safe and effective knife sharpener, then you should give this product a try.


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