Umbrella strollers are probably one of the most used baby gear of all time. If you are looking for a lightweight stroller, then look no further.

We compiled 10 of the best umbrella strollers to review with.

In order to find the which umbrella stroller is the best, we looked into the different functions. Such as how much weight can an umbrella stroller hold, how safe it is and what other features it holds.

If you have a twin or two babies, you might want to consider getting a double stroller.

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Compact 3-D fold
Extra Roomy Storage Basket
Extensive Recline Options
Shock Resistant Wheels
Canopy does not come out far
Wheel is fragile

Weight: 16lbs

The stroller comes in different variants and colors that way one gets to chose the color that best befits them.

Supported by a premium build aluminum frame elegantly styled and themed, the stroller proves to be lightweight and portable making it convenient for day to day use.

The make shift easy to understand and use foldable frame allows the stroller to be sizable. No matter the space of the room, the Summer Infant 3D lite Convenience Stroller can be stored with ease.

Simply Compactable, Simply Convenient.

Compatibility & Weightlessness

The all rounded aluminum body frame beautifully embraces the contrast between the mundane stroller plastics and fabrics invigorating a flamboyant feel. Boasting a steady yet light structural build proving to weigh less than 14 pounds, lightest stroller on the market.

Shock Resistant Wheels

No longer will children experience rough rides through bumpy surfaces. With the state of the art shock resistant rubber inflated polymer wheels; specifically designed to absorb shock through the wheels.

Dampening force exerted to the strollers providing minimum vibrations experienced, keeping your baby sound asleep even while strolling through ghastly paths.

Extensive Recline & Safety Harness

The easy to recline seat and canopy provide ultimate comfort and ease of rest. Bolstered with a secure 5-point harness grip rope; it guarantees optimum safety and restraint avoiding the risk of children falling off.

Extra Roomy Storage Basket & Space

Providing more room and storage for your babies everyday need.extensive capacity capable of storing diapers, bags, food bins, toys and other accessories essential to baby necessities.

Keeping in mind the hassle of carrying these items bare hand so why not rest easy cause the 3d lite convenience stroller has got you covered.

Adjustable canopy with UV Flip Sun Visor

Protect your child from the harmful rays. The Sun Visor distinguished between UV light shone on it blocking harmful rays from penetrating through.

Allowing the passage of healthy Vitamin D sun rays to flow through encouraging the development and growth of your child.

Compact 3-D fold & Carrying Strap

The 3D lite stroller ensures that little to no space is occupied in storage mode. Whether you want to board it into your trunk or onto a flight.

With the access to the 3-D fold feature one can easily, tuck and fold the stroller anywhere. maximum portability, minimum storage consumption.

From a closer look, the 3D lite convenience stroller proves to value for your money.

Carefully ensuring comfortability yet prioritizing safety is a plus. It’s a no wonder it’s leading in the market, never has a stroller been so conventional.

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Ultra lightweight
Very easy to handle
Sturdy frame structure
Safety strap not secure enough
Lacking design appearance

Weight: 8lbs

Disney Umbrella Stroller with canopy is a product which gives a mother touch feeling to babies by carrying them softly and safely.

It has been designed with so many specialities which makes it a worth using product for every new born babies.

The stroller is so convenient for easily carrying kids upto 6 months. It has easily folded scissors helps in quick opening and closing of the stroller.


The umbrella stroller is so light weighted of about 9 pounds only that helps in it’s easy maintenance and easy moving of the stroller. The stroller is capable of holding maximum weight upto 40 pounds which makes it so worth for carrying more weighted kids easily.

For easy moving of the stroller, it has 4″ wheels both at the front and the rear of the stroller makes it move safely and prevents the kid from getting misplaced.

Safety locking

Even for the extra safety purpose, there is locking system provided on both the rear wheels. It’s three point harness structure is specially designed for the securely sitting of kid with extra comfort.

The fixed handles along with soft covers on both sides of the stroller is added to add extra support. This stroller is a face forwarding to make the baby feel more comfortable .Disney Umbrella Stroller has also a canopy giving it a Umbrella look which surrounds the stroller upwardly.

It has covers both sides along with two small windows to give a homely feeling to the baby. The material by which the canopy is made, is quite flexible and versatile.

The Disney Umbrella Stroller is not only structured safely and made with strong physique but has also attractive designs and materials available.

There are so many designs available like with Dotted colourful canopy, having mickey mouse cartoons and many more pretty animated with attractive look.

This product is great but also has some limitations to carry limited weight according to it’s light weight and capacity.

The Disney Umbrella Stroller also need to be protected with sharp objects to avoid getting scratches. But even it’s a great baby care product.

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Compact small size stroller
Can fold it with one hand
Sun canopy extends to shield
Seat cannot be removed for cleaning
Requires a bit of strength to push

weight: 11.8lbs

The kolcraft is a lovable stroller. Its lightness makes it easy to bring along and it maneuvers smoothly. The handle are sturdy and it absorbs your grip.

The umbrella stroller comes in a great design and features premium specs for a budget stroller. Checkout some of its outstanding features:

Lighter and Sturdy

If you are looking for a travel system stroller that is more travel-friendly, then this buggy should settle well with you.

With its weight registering at about 12 pounds, the cloud plus lightweight is truly a champion among the lightweight contenders.

Compact Standing and Maneuverable

Single strollers are easy to Maneuver, even though busy sidewalks and crowded areas. The kolcraft stroller is able to deliver a smooth ride. Strolling with it through the busy parks is easy.

It proves very convenient when you have to pass through throngs of people in the amusement parks.

Comfortable Handle

How Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight buggy feels in the hands is just loveable. It handles fine.

You would not get fatigued during longer strolls.

The handle bar is just the right height to feel comfortable with both short and taller parents. its handlebar grip is nicely padded for a comfortable feel and to eliminate fatigue. You will simply love how the buggy rolls in the hands.

The suspension on the wheels makes for an amazing ride, the buggy glides over rougher terrain as though it was still in the flats.

Easy One-Hand Fold

The kolcraft cloud plus lightweight is perfect for travel and vacations. it folds easily, using only a single hand. Even so, there is a bit of a learning curve to the easy single hand fold – the buggy catches slightly.

However, this corrects itself as the buggy wears with time. When folded, the buggy assumes a compact form that is easy to handle, carry and store.

Ample Storage

For a compact, small-sized single stroller, the Kolcraft Cloud offers more than enough storage space.

There is a large accessible storage basket for your utility with larger items to carry. Besides this, the stroller comes with a parent tray for your utility and a child tray for the little cuties.

Final Verdict

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller’s design and comfort features are simply amazing. This umbrells stroller handles well and how it feels comfortable in the hand.

Recommended for parents with one child as well as parents with multiple kids but want something convenient for when the kids have to be taken separate ways.

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Sturdy wheels for movability
Ultra lightweight aluminum
Front wheel suspension
Hard to push one handed
Fabric is not removable

Weight: 11lbs

Chicco Capri stroller is a lightweight pram intended for outdoor use. The product comes in unisex colors making it ideal for every child.

Purchasing the stroller assures the user of a frustration free use since it is bound to deliver. The stroller’s orientation is forward facing with the back providing crucial neck support.

The designers included the all-wheel suspension. The above approach to the suspension provides the baby with a smooth ride even when running through cobbled areas.

In order for the user to have easy movement, the stroller has both swivel and fixed wheels. The front wheels swivel to allow 360-degree turning. The rear wheels are fixed.

Lightweight stroller

A major selling point for the stroller is the light weight. When one is supposed to take the baby along on a long trip, the stroller will be the ideal choice. Packing it into the vehicle is relatively easy guaranteeing relative ease when transporting the stroller.

Safety ensured

Additionally, the design is created with the safety in mind. The stroller has a safety harness to secure the child to it. Therefore, even in the event of a sudden stop, the baby will be comfortably strapped to the stroller.

The design also considers the usability for the mother and general comfort of the baby. Baby comfort is attained through the inclusion of two positions. The baby can sit up in one instance or recline in another.

The variability of sitting positions allows the baby to take a nap while strolling. Inclusion of an umbrella and carry bag also makes the entire kit totally compact for the babies.

Other inclusions such as a canopy ensures that the baby is safe at all times even when there is excessive sun. The only downside of the stroller is the size of the wheels. It can only be used in paved areas. The front suspensions may also be inadequate in rough terrain.

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Gender nutrual
Secure car seat connection
Large canopy
Oversize food rest
Forward position too inclined

Weight: 17.8lbs

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller is made in an innovative one fold design making it a very easy folding stroller. The umbrella stroller can accept any infant car seats from Graco Click Connect.

It holds a child from birth to 50 lbs allowing parents to create a custom travel system throughout this time. It is fully featured to form a complete stroller with no compromise.

  • A secure car seat connection – Breaze has a secure attachment that lets you create a travel system with Graco Click infant car seats.
  • Front swivel wheels – It has front swivel wheels which are lockable. The wheels have suspensions for stability and maneuverability which provide for a smooth ride.
  • A large canopy – Breaze has a large canopy with UV protection to keep you child shaded. It also has a visor which seems to pop out to maximize the coverage.
  • One-hand fold design – Getting the baby out and about in a complicated model can be very challenging. The stroller has an easy fold making it a perfect accessory for the purpose. This saves time and adds to the comfort of the baby.

Lightweight stroller

The Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller is lightweight and has a sturdy frame for the convenience of moms who are on-the-go. Providing for maximum portability eliminates the hassles parents go through when traveling with their babies.

Anyone can move around with a Breaze stroller since it has a gender-neutral fashion.

Comfortability design

The baby’s comfort has been put into great consideration in the design of this stroller. It has reclining seats which lie flat and also provides for multi-position.

There is a convertible 3 or 5 point harness which usually adjusts as your child grows. Therefore, as your child grows, this stroller keeps up with him/her. Since Breaze holds a child up to 50 lbs it offers many years of comfortable strolling.

It is the easy access, large storage basket, removable parent holder, one-hand fold and good service over the years that places Breaze stroller above other strollers.

However, this stroller also has some downsides. The umbrella is slightly odd and seemingly longer than previous umbrellas. Lack of good adjustment for the handle also inconveniences tall people. Finally, the foot rest for bigger kids is a rather weird one.

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Can fold up with one hand
Prodtects 99.9 percent of the UVA and UVB rays
Giant sunshade with peek in window
Not compatible with snack tray

weight: 16lbs

One of the most important accessories when it comes to the care of your baby is the stroller. Over the years, this object has been perfected and there are several types that adapt to the needs of all moms.

The Summer Infant 3D-one Convenience Stroller is one of the most flexible and versatile umbrella strollers out in the market.

Color and design

This practical stroller comes in different presentations to suit all tastes. There is the Flint Gray, Eclipse Gray, and Geometric Blue. Its ergonomic design is very light and weighs only 16 pounds.

Its dimensions are 27 x 18 x 43 inches. This stroller is made of resistant materials with the best quality. It is very easy to push thanks to its comfortable grip, heat resistant foam handles, and smooth sliding wheels.

Comfortable seating

The stroller’s design is very convenient thanks to its 3-position reclining seat, the padded safety harness that will always protect your baby and the easy pop buckle. Your child’s feet will also enjoy the comfort offered by their adjustable footrest.

Weather proof

It is adjustable canopy will give you the ease of jogging at any time of the day. Its extension zipper allows you to adjust it as you wish, and your material guarantees you to block 99.9 percent of the UVA and UVB rays.

Carry with you everything you need

This stroller offers you the chance of carrying your essentials as your purse or smartphone. It features a handy rear storage pocket, a parent cup holder and you will love its easily accessible storage basket.

This stroller is very useful for all modern mothers thanks to its simple but ingenious design that allows you to enjoy jogging your baby and bring essentials along.

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Lightweight aluminium frame
Water resistance fabric
A lot of small pockets and storage
Seat is over reclined
Foot rest not as comfortable

weight: 14lbs

The JOOVY Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller is a perfect stroller, especially for newborn babies. The recline in the seat is fairly deep and has a bassinet mode tailor made to perfection for babies up to 55lbs.

Water resistant soft fabric

The Stroller comes with a water resistant soft brushed fabric and a canopy of UPF 50 provides sun protection to the newborn child.

A significant upgrade on the wheels is noticeable which facilitates easy movement of the stroller even through narrow spaces. There is also a second parent cup holder added and the adjustable footrest provides that extra bit of comfort to the child.

Storage space

The two mesh pockets are meant for the storage of sippy cups, bottles, baby toys, snacks and other eatables.

There is also an additional zippered pocket meant for the storage of phone, keys, wallet and plenty other valuable items.

Moreover, the safety reflectors available illuminates in the dark. The peek-a-boo window allows you to keep constant track of the baby’s activities inside the stroller.

Lightweight stroller

The stroller is light weight, made up of aluminum frame keeping the weight to a mere 14 lbs. Also, the product is provided with a carry strap which fits perfectly and comfortably on the shoulder making the stroller extremely easy to move and carry from place to place.

The folding of The JOOVY Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller is also quite efficient, easy and stands on its own perfectly.

While the Umbrella Stroller seems to be absolutely perfect and top notch, it is not flawless of course.

Firstly, the wear and tear in the umbrella are quite significant and noteworthy and the fabric quality also seems to be mediocre. The footrest given seems to be parallel to the end of the seat which is not a very pleasant scenario, especially for the child.

It needs to be ahead of the seat in order to provide optimum comfort to the newborn. Also, sometimes the child finds it difficult to sit up as the seat is so reclined.

The JOOVY Groove Ultralight Umbrella stroller fulfills its purpose quite efficiently which is carrying the baby around different places. It’s something which can definitely be taken into consideration while purchasing a baby stroller and is also something worth buying.

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Removable seat pad
UV Protection canopopy
Sturdy stroller
Unable to convert to car seat
Can be quite heavy for one hand pushing

weight: 11.2lbs

This stroller is the perfect product to buy if you’re in need of something functional and efficient for your child. Weighing about 11 pounds, this stroller is easily available and is one of the best products you should invest in for your child.

The dimensions of this product are 17×18.5×40 inches, which is the perfect size for your baby and to support its growth for at least 2 years.

Heavyweight Sturdy Stroller

The weight that it can support is up to 55 pounds, enough to support your baby’s weight. Unlike other strollers, this one, in particular, doesn’t require batteries or any such extra equipment to satisfy your needs and is easy to maintain and take care of. It is extremely functional and easy to use.

However, there are some things which should also be brought to your notice. If you’re looking for portability, this product won’t gives you that as it’s not portable. What this essentially means, is that you can’t unfix its parts and reassemble them later.

Most strollers have the option of converting it into a car seat as well, unfortunately, this product doesn’t have that.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other features that this product has that makes it a good buy. It has a self-support system due to a center stand which allows the net to stand on its own.

Removable and washable seatpad

It is known that small babies often soil the seats, hence this stroller comes with a removable and washable seat pad to ensure that your baby always has a clean seat to sit in.

One of the most attractive features of this stroller is the UV protection factor. This stroller provides a UPF of 50 and above to protect your child from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The recline position provides the best comfort. At the same time it does not affect the spinal arrangement of your child.

Another one of the perks is that it comes with a large basket for storage and a cup holder to keep small bottles etc that you carry for your child while strolling.

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Extra large storage basket
Carseat convertable
Durable rubber tires
Only accepts Graco car seats

weight: 38lbs

Do you need a light and safe stroller that accepts infant car seats? This product is designed for you! The Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller brings together all the features that mothers love but with the strength and durability of an all-terrain jogger.

It will give you a unique, comfortable and safe experience of jogging your child!

Click connect system

This feature allows you to put or remove the child car seat in the stroller without any problem. With just one click, you will know it is secure. Make sure it clicks or it is not safe for the baby.

Comfort assured

Thanks to its rubber tires, you will feel the confidence of going out with your baby on any terrain. Just lock the front wheel to increase stability.

Your baby will enjoy a comfortable ride in the padded and luxurious chair that also keeps your child safe. The multi-position recliner allows you to find the right position for your baby.

Maximum protection

No matter what time you decide to go for a walk, the weather will not be an impediment. The extra-large canopy allows your child to ride on a sunny day, protected from the sunlight.

When you want to go jogging in the afternoon, the angle covers the baby completely. Your baby will be delighted with the storage tray for small games and treats.

Graco also thinks about you

As an additional incentive, you can easily carry your essential tools. The Deluxe Parent Tray has a base for your smartphone and you can view the screen as well as listen while you walk.

The extra-large storage basket allows you to carry diapers, food and other equipment needed to take care of your baby.

Jogging your baby is part of your routine as a family. This stroller is the best investment because Graco thinks about the safety and comfort of your baby besides being comfortable for you.

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Large sturdy wheels
Easy to manuever
Safe and secure harness
Small under-seat storage
Non adjustable handles

weight: 25.7lbs

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is one of the best jogging strollers in the market today. It is fairly cheap compared to the other high end jogging strollers. Preferred by most mothers as it provides a smooth and solid experience for the child. The stroller is a three wheel stroller and this makes it easier to push and turn.

Large wheels

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight composes of various features. Such as rear wheel off road suspension and a swivel front wheel.

Its front wheel measures at about twelve inches and it swivels or you can also decide to lock it in place for faster runs. The two rear back wheels measure at sixteen inches each. Designed to provide a smooth and shock absorbent ride for the baby.

Under-seat storage

It also comprises of an under-seat storage bin, a parent console with a zippered pocket and two cup holders.It also comes with its own tire pump.

The umbrella strollers’ total weight is about twenty-seven pounds, which makes it relatively easy to lift it up and put it inside the car. It is equipped with a huge canopy which adjusts to any position and has a visible patch through which you can always check if your child is having a pleasant ride.

Although the Joovy Zoom 360 is a good stroller, it has a couple of minor issues such as not having an adjustable tracking and handlebar as this is something which many runners look for in a jogging stroller.

The storage bin is also relatively small compared to that of other umbrella strollers as it only allows a maximum of five pounds at a go. While other strollers can allow a capacity of fifteen to twenty-two pounds.

It also has a foot break and it is not equipped with a self-standing feature. Generally, the Joovy Zoom 360 ultralight is a good jogging stroller although it needs a few upgrades to make it better.

Strollers are made to ease the work of parents and save them the burden of carrying babies when walking or strolling around places.

What is an umbrella stroller? The Cambridge English Dictionary defines a stroller as a small folding chair on wheels that a baby or small child sits in and pushed around in.

The different types of strollers

There are several kinds of strollers based on the intended purpose. Depending on your child and your circumstances, you may want to find the most suitable type of stroller.

Full-Sized Stroller

This is the bigger, sturdier and usually more durable stroller with a variety of full range features for the baby throughout their toddler years.

It has features made to recline the seat either forward or rear-facing. A convertible design, to include a car seat, sturdy tires, shock absorber suspensions, basket storage, cup holders among much more.

They are the most expensive but are most preferred by those who want to invest in a one-time stroller.

Double Stroller

Double strollers are for twins and they come in two forms: tandem (one child sitting behind the other) or side-by-side seating.

They are more bulky to the tune of pounds and there is a possibility they would not fit through your door.

Jogging stroller

Jogging Strollers are primarily made for jogging with the baby. They have superior suspensions and easy to maneuver.

This makes it easy to keep your baby at comfort.

They may even have third wheels that are able to swivel but which can also be fixed to be more stable.

Car seat strollers

These are car seats which are able to be converted into a stroller. They are used for a short term since the babies outgrow them very quickly.

Travel system strollers

Travel system strollers are rather a complex pair of car seats and strollers.

The seat is able to connect to the stroller through an adapter and this makes it easy to move the day.

Lightweight Umbrella stroller

The lightweight umbrella stroller is the ones we review in this article.

These almost resemble the full-size strollers but the difference is that they are much easier to use and very light.

They weigh 12 pounds making it very easy to use. Great for mothers who are not able to lift too heavily.

Features to keep in mind for an umbrella stroller

Buying umbrella strollers can be a daunting task.

Most of the time you cannot decide whether to look for size, material any other feature. This can be so confusing and may lead to buying the wrong stroller or not buying at all.

As such, it is important to read through this feature list to assist you as a parent or guardian in choosing the best product.

What features then should you have in mind when buying one?


The best umbrella strollers should be one that can be carried easily to almost every place you go.

It should not be a very bulky structure that will give you a headache when you think of carrying it to your trip, let alone using it.


You should never go for an umbrella stroller that adds your burden on your mass say, for instance, if you go shopping, then you will have to leave some items to accommodate the stroller.

Always ensure that the stroller you buy is of light weight.

Do not be fooled that heavy ones are better or stronger. No.

For this reason, lightweight strollers are the best option. Also called umbrella strollers, which is just the perfect weight.


The stroller you buy should provide your baby with comfort. Do not buy one that cannot easily recline or is not well inclined at an angle which is good for the baby.

Remember your baby is still young and brittle and you don’t want anything that will harm them at this age for it can cause irreversible damage.

You may also want to consider one that is detachable for easy transfer. After a long day of walk, you may want to easily transfer your baby into a baby swing.


You want the best quality stroller made from the strongest material for your baby.

You do not want to buy something that will crumble in the middle of the streets and leave you standing in awe of amazement and stranded with your baby.

Ensure you check the quality. You can always see reviews from fellow shoppers online and this will assist you to make the best choice of your product.


The stroller should be able to protect your child from the wind, the sun’s radiation and other environmental factors including dust.

The best strollers are those that have overhead canopies to shield the sun and also nets to prevent dust and foreign materials from harming the toddler.

Where you stay

If you stay in a rugged place and loves strolling there, you will need a much stronger stroller with bigger wheels than if your terrain is flat and smooth.

Always consider your neighborhood and surrounding.

Ease of use

Ask yourself if the stroller you buy is user-friendly and not complex to you. Be sure you can maneuver with it when only with one hand.

The benefits of an umbrella stroller

The lightweight stroller is probably the most beneficial because of many factors.

These include:

  • Very easy to fold – this makes it easier to stash in the car or even in the plane in case you have a flight.
  • Very light and not bulky – which makes it very portable to almost every place you would want to go to.
  • It has an expandable canopy
  • It is easy to recline the seat
  • Comes with a storage basket and a cup holder to organize your baby stuff

In conclusion, no matter your choice of the stroller, there are a number of things that you will need to consider as have been listed.

It’s you as the parent who knows your stroller needs.

But, if you were eyeing a lightweight stroller, we hope this article has given you an informative insight into what to look for.

You can now go ahead to get your own lightweight stroller.


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